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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm Chinese

The yearly groan from Mom........what to dress them up as for their Halloween party at school.  Last year, I really don't remember what they did :(  Maybe the same thing.??  Anyway, this year they were "Chinese"......oh wait......that's not really dressing up is it!  I heard from Iley's teacher that she bounded into the room and announced to everyone that "I'm Chinese!"  They thought it was hilarious.

Reading while Mom fixes breakfast.  Iley was also waiting on me to sew some of the fasteners back on her shirt.
 This is what their hair looked like before school...........

And this is the sorry state it was in after 2 recess's and a party!

.........and the favorite party favor from their school party..........this!!

Only Iley got them........but Wren wasn't a bit shy about sharing spit!

Baby Bump progress.......23 weeks :)  Baby D. is due late February.

Which one is actually pregnant here?


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cookie Crew

Dalton and Sherman volunteered to bring cookies for their class Halloween party.  I'm guessing it was mostly Sherman's idea.  I KNOW it was his idea to make Iced, cut out, sugar MY kitchen....sigh......But if I say no, I'm a horrible mean mom.  It wasn't as bad as I feared, although I did give in and let the girls play games on the ipad to keep them out from underfoot.  The boys are so cute together.  I think Sherman is the tallest boy, and Dalton is the smallest.  Sherman was talking pretty much the whole time and Dalton would just chortle.  He talked now and then, but mostly he just laughed at Sherm.

 They made enough cookies for their class, then with the dough that was still left, wanted to make a giant cookie.......This is as giant as our pans would allow.

These were some I snapped of the kids before school this morning.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Combines, Climbing, and Carving

Another trip to the field with Ella :)  She is my hero for the day :)  She kept the girls so we could take just the boys to Town to buy some new clothes, and just have a little time with them by their selves.  It looks like the girls at least, had a great time.

They had a lovely time driving, and pushing all the buttons!

Ash was practicing his camera skills on his favorite subject again:)

 Playing "chicken"

Excuse me!!!!!  I can't see!

 Sunday afternoon was gorgeous so we decided to go explore Horse Thief Canyon.  The story goes....that the horse smugglers used to hide horses down in this canyon.

 Everytime we do these climbing excursions, the girls both LOVE it!  The improvement in their agility is amazing!

 This girl was NUTS!  she would go leaping down a steep incline while holding onto one of our hands, completely trusting that we wouldn't let her fall......which by God's grace we didn't!  She caught us off guard a couple of times, and made our stomachs lurch. 

Thatcher and Kyndahl went with us.

 Thatcher pretending to yeah.......NOT!

Living on the edge!  This was actually a lot higher up than it looks in the pictures...isn't that comforting Mom:)

He's gonna be a great Daddy isn't he :)

 The sun shining through a hole in one of the formations.

Then.....since it was such a gorgeous evening....we had a fire and roasted hot dogs.  Harrison and Sherman were still with Caleb, so they missed out on our day, but it sounded like they had a fun day of their own.

These two....are just weird.  Yes it's what you think it is.  They played with it all evening.
  Dragging it all over the yard by a little chain hooked into the blow thingy.  The main part of the raft popped within a week of purchase, and proceeded to dangle listlessly around in the pool, like a forlorn green ghost for the remainder of the summer.  The headrest on the other had has been used as a bucking bronco with a rope tied around it all summer, and it's been camping out by the pool since school started, and everyone quit swimming.....wind, rain, and stickers, never phasing why can't someone design a raft that the whole thing stays aired up the same amount of time?? It's one or the other, never both that go flat. 

 They kept creeping closer and closer to the fire.....the raft would get hot, and we thought surely it would bust.....but the crazy thing is still as good as ever.

 There is probably a label on here somewhere that this is not for children under a certain age because of suffocation risks......???

 Whew...all that damp humid closeness required a drink.
We had intended to carve the pumpkins on Sunday afternoon, but the boys left, so we waited until Monday.  Wren dove in with her usual enthusiasm.

 Iley was watching her and totally game!  Hurry up Dad.

 Sizing up the job......

 ......and proceeded with MUCH drama to dig out several chunks.

 Then it started getting to her.  She couldn't get the sticky stuff off her hands.

 Keep going Iley!  Get all the seeds out......"why???" she says.

 Wren was having a ball just being allowed to totally make a mess! She had the big spoon down in hers digging merrily!

Iley, was done.

 They kept getting WAY too close for comfort!  We would have to stop and tell them.....MOVE BACK!

 Quite pleased with her side ways pumpkin...shhhhh she doesn't know it's not normal!  We couldn't get it to sit up without falling over.

 We have fire!!!!!  As soon as Sherman brought out the candles, Wren immediately went to the bathroom and brought out the matches.  She doesn't miss a thing.

Parent teacher conferences were tonight.........and that's all I'm going to say about that! ;)