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Monday, September 2, 2013

Start of Labor Day Weekend

Friday!!!! Last day before a 4 day weekend!

Here Mom here's a smile for the blog........can you feel the rebellion??

Same picture messed with in photo shop.......I'm trying to learn how to use it.

Waiting on the bus.

Lined up youngest to oldest......I didn't pose them!

Headed to Denver for a night to watch a baseball game....Troy got free tickets from someone he buys stuff from......Cincinnati Reds vs. Colorado Rockies.

We stopped to wash the car in an automatic car wash.  The girls got a bang out of it:)

Going over head..........
The big jets started!

ok......not sure if I like this.....will I get wet?

....whew not getting wet.....this is FUN!

settled back in for the long drive.......everyone and their stuffed animal.
then they decided the animals needed a seat belt too.

A whole baseball game happened in between here.......but I forgot my camera in the car:(

Headed into the motel.......we had stopped and bought umbrellas before the game because it was calling for since we bought umbrellas......of COURSE it didn't rain.  Oh well the girls loved theirs.  No girlie hello kitty ones for these two......they picked Cars, and Thomas the train!  Could have been Isaiah influence here!

Everyone cramming in a little elevator.

Swimming in the pool the next morning.

The hot tub was right next to the pool.  They would get roasting hot in the hot tub, then slide over the wall into the cold water, shrieking because it was Coooooold.

Wren was splashing water on Iley's feet to "help" her get used to the hot water.

Practicing her needs practice!!
The girls would sit/ just come too close to the pool......and the sharks on the other side would snatch them into the cold water.....dunking them......and then return them to the wall.......waiting to sneak up on their victims again.

Uh Oh the shark got another unsuspecting victim!

After everyone got done swimming, we went to find a bible bookstore, hoping to get Harrison and Sherman new Bibles.  We didn't find any.....but had fun looking, and Mom made everyone STOP for a minute and take some pictures.....because if it wasn't for Mom.....there would not be one picture of this family EVER. one seemed to think there was a shortage of pictures of them:)

Sherman scooped up Iley and said here mom take our picture.........

.......he set her down and Harrison scooped her up and said take our picture........Wren is always off doing other things.....she is usually much harder to get a picture of!

Then I rounded up the whole bunch!  Aren't they cute:)  We missed Ash and Ella!  Love my kids...and the cute guy on the end:)

We forgot to tell Dad to ditch the sunglasses:(

Oh my they were so excited to find Veggie tales playing in the Bible book store!  Wren plopped down on the floor and patted the spot beside her for Iley to sit by her.
No babysitting required.....they stayed here until it was time to go.

Looking at books on the way home.
Good ol Madeline:)

Daddy and his girls.  When he's home on the weekend, Wren shadows his every move!  She knows he's out and about and going places, and she's not about to miss out.  We are headed in to Qdoba to eat lunch.

Waiting in line.......Wren is always hugging someone!  She loves her family so much:)  Do I see a tiny baby bump there Kyn???

I forgot to take my camera with me into the game:(  I was rather bummed.  The girls were bored to death 5 minutes into the game.  Troy took them and walked around a while, found a little play ground........then the rest of the time they perched on one or the other of us's lap.  Shoulda left them with Grma.  It was SOOO funny the game there are vendors going up and down the isles constantly selling stuff.  One of the guys had a funny high pitched warbly sounding call....a a a al co  h o o  ol......Iley looks at me and says "he sounds like a sheep.  We all cracked up!  A sick sheep at that!

We were a small Red's island in a sea of Rockies fans!  We were half afraid to cheer.......but we did really annoyed the Rockies fans............especially since we were winning! 

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