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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Out My Back Door

I look out and this is what I see.......two little munchkins hauling a table out of one of the out buildings.  When they put their heads is SCARY what they can accomplish!!

They had set up camp here....and I caught Wren signing to ILey to "go get sand"........I'm like Oh no no no no!  Not on my back step!  Move the table to the sand box. they did.

 I like their choice of that's using what you have.

Only Iley's skinny little backside would FIT on this seat!


This was Friday, headed out the door to school.....for some reason she was a grump!

Saturday game again.

This was Sunday after noon.....She fell and bit her lit good and bled and bled and bled.....I wonder if her 1/2 an aspirin a day for blood thinner, makes it take longer to clot.

The boys spent all afternoon on Saturday and Sunday working on their fort.  They kept talking about it, and coming up to the house to saw boards......they found a pile of junk lumber......begged fence posts and old nails off of Grandpa D........and a fort is born. 

 We finally got  curious enough to walk out to the pasture and check out their progress.

I have to say I was quite impressed with their efforts.

They were so busy they didn't have time to stop and talk!  Their time was limited....Gordon and Caleb were going to have to go home before long.......but they have many plans for the next "work day"

They dug fence post holes by hand.....
I'm not sure they appreciated the help we brought with us........?

Cat Cat did NOT like the wind!  She kept saying "lets go home!  I want to play school" We told her Pretty which she said ....."it's long?"........well maybe.

Scout on the other hand.......was VERY interested in everything they were doing! ...and seemed oblivious to the wind......even though it had to be whistling through her "ears"

 She was telling Dad...."I can see you"

I see your eye!

 Wren got tired of watching the building, and went to explore the gully.

Iley actually went with her!

 They made many runs back and forth from the house to get supplies.  None of them are actually old enough to drive so driving the truck back and forth was kind of fun.

 These 4 have been buddies for as long as they can remember....probably because their mothers are two of MY best friends:)

Caleb (a friend) talking to Sherman.

 Gordon (a friend)

I made them stop and pose for me:)..........I told them some day you will be glad.....I'm not sure they were convinced, but I got my pictures.

 Headed back to the house, the wind about blew us there!  The girls were so cute walking along "chatting"  I say that loosely, as there is very little conversation that anyone can see or hear.  But.....they communicate!  It's kind of crazy.  A nod, a gesture, a sign.....and they are instantly on the same wave length.

 Wren would make some X or design on the ground.....and Iley would nod and do some kind of little jig??  They did this for most of the walk.

Wren carried this grill skewer all the way down and back.  She found a wire along the way to hook on....?  She is ALWAYS doing something........moving, moving ........not just herself either.....I had to make the garage off limits or the entire contents would be moved to the pool......or the sand box......or loaded in the wheel barrow and hauled off to some destination or other!  She totally rearranges any piece of furniture that is not too heavy, or forbidden, and the toys in their bedroom, almost daily.  She is extremely creative and has much ingenuity!  But.......She wears me out!

 They spied these long dust collection pipes as we went by the shop.

 Oh look!  Now Iley has the skewer!

 Wren got bored with the pipes and tried out the tractor tire.

 Iley wanted in too, but there's lots of poky things so she just squatted.

Then she moved back to the pipe.

Iley in the mean time was inspecting one of the boys play guns Dad found on the walk.  She picked it up and cocked it like a pro.  Troy's like...."how does she know how to do that?".....ummmm she's watched her big brothers do it a hundred times?

 Don't shoot people....shoot a bear...........she wasn't all.......Her big brothers regularly split up and pretend shoot each other........

I'll shoot mommy...hee hee......Daddy says "don't shoot mommy!"....she is heartless and just giggles!

"Don't take my picture! I shoot you!"

 Then she said.....I kid you not........."you wanna die?"     Bwahaaaaahaaaahaaa!  No need to ask where she learned that either!!!  I confess I LAUGHED!  Am I failing as a mother????

 I think she needs a few gun safety lessons!!!

 We get back to the house......and I'm thinking they are nicely playing in the sandbox.....when Troy says you might want to check on the girls.....I can tell he's amused......They had 2 trikes, 1 scooter, a stroller, a dump truck full of muddy pine cones, two buckets of sand, a shovel, and a blender........on the front porch!!!  No need to ask who's idea this was......granted she had willing help......but ...I know who is the master mind behind it!!.... this is the same child who hollers for me in the middle of the night because she wants her covers fixed........seriously.

Who me?......uh huh.

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  1. I loved this post!! It cracked me up!! This kind of activity, both the girls and boys, reminded me of us when we were those ages!! Remember all the grand schemes that Marlin, Lorene, Marcia and we hatched? The Country Kids Club? Selling garden stuff by the road? Picking up all the pop bottles to get the refund so we could get one from the machine in the shop?......ahhhhh! ....the shop experiences alone are worthy their own chapter....rollerskating....postoffice....setting up shop in the offices....poor Charlie!...anyway.....I digress..
    That little table the girls are using is kinda cute! Where did it come from? The photos are very nice... I could almost feel the wind blowing!! I kept wanting to push the girls hair off their face...:) So much for raising little ladies...but the gun pictures were funny! Miss you all soooo much and hope to see you soon,