Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Reality

Your Reality in Christ is that you’re 100% saved, redeemed, accepted, carried, cared for, watched over, provided for, comforted, loved. Christ isn’t just sort of for you, Christ is 100% for you your Reality is 100% safe in Him.

Good to know!!  Cause most days our reality looks more like this!

As for expectations — your expectations have a direct correlation on your irritations. The higher your expectations, the greater your irritations.

They had no expectations, so thought they were doing great!

  Expectations kill relationships.
Your Expectations in Christ are that you don’t deserve anything, can’t earn anything, don’t merit anything — your expectations are 0% in and of the flesh. It’s all grace.

Look at the difference in Kyndahls feet and Iley's :)  


Look Mom, No Hands! :)
                                            This was all Kyndahls idea.......she started it.

The formula for life turns out to be blessedly simple:
Reality in Christ (100%) – Expectations (0%) = A Happiness — that has nothing to do with what Happens

 I love Ann Voskamps writing!  To read the whole article....with much prettier pictures....go here:) 

Then Mom had to show them that yes, I can still do this too!  I spent half my childhood upside down:)  Just ask my mother.

Then Saturday evening found us at Shermans football will find us at Shermans football game for the next 8 weeks :(...I mean... :)  uh huh.  When we were walking up to the game, Iley is saying "where's all my little friends?  Where's MY friends,  THERE'S MY FRIENDS!"    She was not talking about her brother and sister:)  Wren in the mean time is trying to follow Harrison off with HIS friends.  I said sorry sister....I don't think he wants you tagging along.....she did NOT see the problem with this.

 Sherman is #50  He's out on the field....He's the biggest one on his team.   He had a bunch of tackles...He says "I LOVE tackling!"  one time he grabbed a little dude on the other team with one hand and yanked him down while saying "oh no you don't!"  This gentle giant is rather ferocious on the field!

 Mean while back in the stands.......we have two charming gentlemen waiting on the girls to get done eating so they can come play.  Yikes!  Is this a glimps into the future??

 Midget needs to grow a little more legs to wear capri's.....they kinda look like high water jeans.

 The homing pigeon has come home to roost.........."I tired, let's go home......It's long?"  Anything that doesn't happen in her time frame is "long"

See the napkin wrapped around her thumb.......she picked it.  She picks on her fingers anytime things are unfamiliar, or she's bored, or nervous.  I told her if she doesn't quit I'm going to make her wear gloves.

 Who's tired?? Not me!! This is FUN!  She even got in the middle of a side line football game and got tackled by some boys and went off stomping! LOL Even funnier...Harrison saw it, and was ready to go tackle a few boys!  Protective brothers:)

Sunday was rather that's all folks!


  1. You showed them all up by doing a hand stand! I-M-P-R-E-S-S-I-V-E!!!
    I love the protective big brother! I have one that wants to go home as soon as she is done, regardless to what is going on!

    Loved Friday night football games! I kind of miss that but not enough to drag the crew to a game, plus I'll be back at work before I care to think about it!

    1. The daughter in law standing on her head is the one carrying our grandbaby! It's not going to know which end is up! Oh well it might as well get used to this crazy household right from the beginning.

      I hope you are over your jet lag before starting work!! Ugh I would have croaked if I had to go to work for a month after I got home......but it was probably 2-3 months before I got a full nights sleep. Some one woke up crying for months. Every. Single. Night.

  2. Anna Lise and I were just talking about the origins of picking. What did they miss that predisposes them to pick? How can we meet that totally unrelated need?

    Wish I could solve that one, since bloody fingers are starting to get old for me, so I can't imagine how he feels when he looks down and sees his poor fingers (or wherever the scab happens to be). We should buy stock in bandaids, since that is the only way I can get him to stop. Until the bandaid comes off. . .