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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

We missed Ella's Birthday........well she was actually gone over her B-day......but we had never got around to "having a party" or giving her a gift.  I bought a gift, and wrapped it and just planned to give it to her the next time I saw her.  Sherman thought it was just awful that we weren't having a party, or at LEAST making her a cake!  I'm not sure if he was really  concerned about her getting a cake...or if he just wanted to make one.  He is fascinated with the show Cake Boss, and has been watching it on the nights he's allowed computer time.  He is forever wanting to Make a cake.  He made a layer cake at G-ma's not long ago......and Ella's forgotten B-day provided a perfect excuse for another cake.  Problem is he didn't plan ahead very well.  He made the cake....baked it......then had to go to football practice till 8:00.......everyone was coming to eat cake at 8:15.......not a lot of time to ice and decorate the cake!  So the sisters iced it for him......with icing that was warmed too long and was running everywhere.

They were dripping it onto animal crackers........

 ..........and amusing themselves by drowning the animal crackers in icing???
 Do you see how crowded my kitchen gets!!  I regularly run people out of here.  Out Out Out if you are not helping... step OUT.

 Thatch and Kyn were fussing over who was going to lick the spatula.

.........and the pregnant lady wins!

 At 5months along....she's FINALLY starting to show!

 The guest of honor:)

 The girls both brought their picture books that we sent to China of the family, over and perched on Ash to look at them.

 They were kissing pictures of Mommy........this makes my heart smile!  When Iley first arrived home, she would do this with the pictures of her foster family in China.  It made me so sad for her.  I feel blessed that she has transferred that love to me.


 "Nights at the round table"

 They were chasing their shadows.

Can anyone guess who this is?  It's not one of mine :)  This was at the book fair.


  1. Because of the 'cowlick' and those eyes, this gma would say Hans! :)

    1. Ha Ha! I thought you would recognise him:) He's such a doll.

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