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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Almost Cried!

Yes! I almost cried......From JOY!!  I will start with today, and then back up a couple.  I got a phone call from Wren's teacher that she was having a FABULOUS day, and Wren wanted to tell me about it!!  We have had several phone calls since school started where the days weren't so fabulous.......and Scout was having a rough time adjusting to following the rules and new routine.  And while I know we will have more rough spots......this encouraged me so much today! When Wren called, I said "Hi Wren! i'ts mommy"  "your teacher said you were a good girl!!" "Good job" "Mommy happy!"  Mrs. Kay said she was signing "good girl" and "good job" while she was talking to me:)  Oh happy day.  Progress. Usually she just babbles and doesn't try to sign.  I tell her constantly "USE your HANDS when you talk!  Mommy can't understand you"

 But.........what made me almost cry was the note from her teacher.  It said "Wren had and AWESOME day!  I saw more social interaction today than I have the whole school year!  The kids are becoming more interested in sign language and signing to her and she signs back.  There were several girls that signed "pretty nails" (we had painted her fingernails last night for finishing her homework)  Her face lit up!"  If you have ever watched your child repeatedly get ignored in a group......not intentionally.......but ignored all the is heart wrenching.  Or watched them have a child come up to them and TRY really try to talk to her......and she just doesn't understand.......and because she can't understand or talk........she wanders off to do something more active than playing dolls or doctor with a lot of conversation involved..........rejection, time after time.  It breaks your heart.  For her.  Even though she doesn't totally understand yet what she's missing......but she's starting to.  So when I hear that several girls signed "pretty nails"......AND HER FACE LIT UP......Oh my heart....her face lit up!... because she understood what they were saying, she felt connected, and validated....part of the group and conversation.....and of course she had a females joy of her efforts in the beauty department recognized:)  Maybe just maybe, this will spark an interest in learning more language........maybe she will work harder at communicating!  Please God give this child the gift of language!  Our daily plea and prayer...........Like the song.....Let me know redemption wins......let me know the struggle ends......Beauty from Ashes.........a hope and a future.  We are Trusting in her Creator.

These next several pictures are from this morning right before they walked out the door.  Iley had just FINALLY pulled her front tooth!  Her permanent tooth is coming in behind it already and it looooong ago needed to come out.  Can you tell she's a little pleased with herself.

I Love the next two!  They crack me up!

We were headed out the door to take a walk.....I grabbed a hat to keep my hair from blowing, and Iley wanted a hat too.  We knew if Iley and I both had a hat on........who else was going to we grabbed one for her too.  It was really too hot for their pick of hats, and they didn't last long.

 I told her to run get a pair of socks.....this is what she came back with......and put on herself.

Our walk was cut short by the arrival of some dove hunters in the pasture, we came back to the house and the girls were swinging on the hammock..........when one end came loose and it crashed to the ground.......luckily Wren was on it, and Iley was pushing.........if it would have been the other way around.........oh the weeping and wailing that would have ensued!!  We had a few "should I cry or not moments"  but then Wren moved on.

Since she WASN'T on the hammock.........she thought it was HILARIOUS!

Then these two charming children showed up......I had my camera handy so told!  Your mom and sister want to see your charming face.  Don't you miss this face! 

Yesterday Sherman was the teacher.......and the girls were the students............I'm telling you If he was my teacher I would beg to home school!  I told him he would get're a teacher, not a general in the army! Quit barking orders at them.  He said "this is how it was done 'back in the day'"

I'm not sure.......even "back in the day".......if they would have been allowed to hold a student at gunpoint!  The students weren't much fazed by it!


  1. Now that's one teacher you don't want to make mad!

  2. Oh my...Brot tears to my eyes as well, just to read this....can only imagine what it did to your Mommy heart!!! Excited with you for this delightful moment for Wren!!
    I rarely comment, but I am a faithful follower here, still!
    :) Deanna