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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Conglomerate of Photos

My Father tells me it's time for another blog post......yes he's still bossing me around like that.........So here are a conglomerate of photos from the past few days.  Nothing terribly interesting though.

Posing for mom.....I think I told her to stand up straight.......?

 The boys used our suburban to pull the boat this weekend, and brought the girls car seats in the house.........they had much more fun sitting in them on the couch than they do in the car!

 Iley was telling her bear and Wren's doll "shhhhhhhhhh!"

These are terribly blurry for some reason?  They were all dressed up and dancing in the living room on Sunday.

 Monday Morning...........

Some days waiting for the bus brings dangers you never thought of!

She decided it wasn't such a bad arrangement after all!

 Monday evening we met the whole family at DQ for supper.

We talked too long........and the natives got restless.......and made their get away.  They had strict instructions to STAY ON THE SIDE WALK!  Iley says "I know, I KNOW!"  They entertained the whole restaurant with their antics outside.

 They were talking to each other through the glass, pretending something.

 I think she was cold.......but maybe he just couldn't resist??

 Don't you wonder what they're talking about out there?

 Did I hear my name??

 Yes you did!  It's time to go!

They even raided the travel info station.  Looks like they'll be traveling in different directions!

Wren update:  We were able to sign to her "do you want to go with Dad and drive around (do errands)"  or "do you want to go to Kyndahls house with her"  She thought a little bit and signed back "Kyndahls house"  progress:)  She was given two choices, and understood and signed back.

Iley funny:  They are watching a DVD on the lap top and it keeps freezing up on them.....Iley yells MOOOOm and keeps whining while I'm trying to fix it.....Wren keeps telling her "shhhhhh"  and covering her goes on and on like this because the movie is froze..... finally Iley looks at me in exasperation and says "she not let me talk! It's making me CRAZY!"   Mmmmhmmm and YOU are making both of US a little crazy!


  1. love all the photos. It gives us a glimpse into your life. Its good to see the little girls looking so happy. Love to see the other kids too.If you are ever bored send more pics of everyone. Love ya Dad (the bossy one)and Mom.

  2. Love you too! Even if you're a little persistent on the picture subject:) (((HUGS))) to you both.