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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Better Day!

I sent them off this morning hoping for a better day for Wren.  We talked about being nice again.......and about listening......and not throwing a tantrum if you don't want to do something, but instead take a deep breath and sigh and say OKay.  I prayed....for peace for Wren, for wisdom, patience and love for her teachers.  Today was a MUCH better day. whew.
 Not sure why there's a bucket in the middle of the drive.......but I can guess who left it there......and Sherman forgot take his watermelon rind and throw it over the fence.

 They thought this was Sooooo funny!!!  They were both bumbling around in my sweatshirt.

You're choking me!!

 Later we went to watch Gordon and Caleb play football........Wren sat and watched for a while.......then went off to play.  Iley was inside the school with Harrison watching girls volleyball......she wanted to watch that, so Harrison stayed with her.  Then Wren realized they were gone.....and wanted to go in too.   I had to go rescue Harrison after a while.

They both played under the bleachers for a while with a couple of other little kids.....Iley and a little boy in her class were sitting just chatting away over on the far side.  The game was over and most people had left.

 I tried to sneak around and get a picture of them, but they saw me and moved.

 Iley was so tired tonight when we got home.  She didn't want supper......but I made her eat it anyway.  She was sitting here looking at books waiting on supper.  She kept rubbing and rubbing her eyes.

 She looked up and told me "my eyes not working!"  I can't see they all runny"

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  1. I just love your blog and photos! Two precious girls!