Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, September 30, 2013

Iley did NOT want to wear this dress.  She does NOT think it's pretty. I have a couple of black dresses that she tells me she doesn't like either.  Maybe it's black that she doesn't like?  She was a GRUMP about it!!  We all tried to convince her that she looked adorable. She wasn't convinced.  Finally I told her, look you are wearing the same dress as in your school pictures!  Light bulb moment......the smile clicked on and we were happy?????  After that she was fine and hammed it up.

 WREN!! Look THROUGH your glasses!! NOT over the top!!


 Saturday night finds Shermans football game....again.  The first time we came to a game they were hesitant to venture very far from us. Now they come back  and check on us occasionally.

 LOOK Kyndahl's here too:)

 See ya Mom......I'm off to find my friends!

 Iley was fascinated with these girls.  First of all because "Mommy, she's from MY China" Second of all, because they were just a little older than her. 

They told her to come up and sit by them, and she was SO pleased!  They are such sweet girls!!

Wren saw Iley sitting up there and hopped right in too.

 Doesn't she look smug that she's sitting with the "big" girls! :)

 Sunday evening The big kids decided they wanted a fire.  Since it was Ash and El's idea.....well probably Ella's.....and they don't have a yard......they brought their brats to our house....and invited a couple of friends, and Thatch and Kyn.  Thatcher was running the camera in the first few pictures, snapping as they came in the door like the paparazzi.

 Cody J. and Ash

Just one small problem with having their big kid parties at our house.....some people don't know it's a big kid party.

 Kissing Ella goodnight.

 And petting Ashley goodnight. (She loves to pet beards!)

This is Tom H.  I told Iley "his name is Tom".  She says "Tom and Jerry?"  I said "no, just Tom".  She kept calling him Tom and Jerry!

This morning while the girls were finishing their breakfast, Sherman came into the kitchen door way to ask us something, and forgot what he was going to say.  He says "um, um, um"  Iley pipes up "UM, UM UM" copying him.  Sherman says "brat" and walks out.  Iley then shrugs her shoulders and flips her hands out and says "Just Talk!"  Troy and I laughed till we cried.......well I cried......he just laughed. 

Friday, September 27, 2013


If you've ever adopted, or know someone who know that adoption is EXPENSIVE!!

 But how can you put a price on a soul? Can you see the joy of being in a family picture? Of belonging?  Dima is on the far left, then Teague(bio), McKell(bio), then Slava.
 Even if you adopt in the United States, you are looking at around $24,000.00 for one child.  International adoption is that much PLUS all your travel fees, and orphanage donations.  I am asking for support for Our Brother and Sister in law Kip and Darcy Deaton.  They started their journey by hosting a boy from Eastern Europe(sorry not allowed to name the actual country..but it starts with U.)  A cute 12 yr old boy with a quirky grin.  They went in to it thinking they would give him a great Christmas, and fun 6 weeks.  BUT.........God.....grabbed them by the heart strings and said......."this one is yours".........and they couldn't send him back.....alone......forever. 

 A tearful goodbye between brothers.

This was headed to the airport after D's first visit.  He didn't know he would be back.  Can you see the hopelessness?  Break My Heart!

And so the process began.  Then  the opportunity came up for them to host him again for the summer, and they jumped at the chance!  They knew they were planning to adopt him and wanted to get to know him better, to see his face, to love on him some more.  BUT hosting isn't free.......YOU have to pay 2,700.00 to get them here.  They have done this twice. Then the hosting program begged them to host another little guy who's family had to back out on hosting him.  He is 11, in hopes that they could find a family to adopt him............well they didn't find ANOTHER family...........God found theirs.  So they have added S to their family as well :)  This makes a lot of the expenses double.  They are willing and excited about adding these two boys to their home! is costing them everything...........but what price do you put on a soul? on a child?  Whatsoever you do unto the least of do unto me.

 On top of all the agency fees, home study fees, fingerprinting fees, physicals, etc. etc.  they have had to pay the hosting fees, they have had to do some major updating and remodeling of their old farm house to pass the homestudy safety inspection........expenses they were not prepared for.

Darcy has had a garage sale, a flea market sale......sold her car, (leaving them with one vehicle) emptied her house of most of her decorations......any thing not absolutely necessary to scrape together enough for the next installment.  PEOPLE!!!!!!!!  This is not right!  WE the CHURCH NEED TO HELP!!  We are commanded to care for the orphans and widows.  We are not all called to adopt, but we are all called to HELP CARE FOR.  Kip and Darcy need help.  They still need around $38,000 to finalize everything.  If they don't get help........they are considering selling their house.  They are willing to sacrifice everything to give these boys a home.  BUT lets HELP them so they don't have to.  What does the cost of a meal out cost you?  Stay home tonight, and tomorrow........and send the money to a much bigger cause.  EVERY penny helps!!!!  PLEASE!!!  Pass this on! Share with everyone you know!  Lets show them that they are LOVED!!  Lets show them they are not forgotten! Not alone!!
For the story in Darcy's words and to donate online go HERE:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

If you give a girl a trike........

........she's going to want a wagon to go with it.

 Yes this was Wren's idea.

Waiting on her ride.

The driver had taken a detour......

 So she whittled.......and waited.

I posted a video on Face Book.  It works fine there, but goes in fast forward on here.  I don't understand!

Wren update: The school had a book fair this week and asked me to come in and help.  I hadn't told the girls that I would be there.  I was talking to someone, and Wren was working with her instructor in the same room, but behind a divider.  She didn't know I was there, but recognized my voice and signed "mommy?" to her teacher!!!  She recognized my voice!!! with out seeing me!!!!  woo hoo!  I KNOW she said baby tonight too while looking at a picture of one on the computer.   We are rejoicing in each victory! be it ever so small.

And an Iley funny:  She was working on her sticker book and couldn't remember where they were supposed to go.  She says "It's too HARD!........I can't think in my HEAD!"