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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wren and Iley Love playing in the hose.  If they are allowed to turn it on, they play for of course they are allowed to turn it on.........cause mom's all about anything that entertains anyone for more than 30 minutes.  The hose was in the pool, out of the pool, filling buckets, under the tramp, on the tramp..........I had to go out and tell Wren ......NO you can't put the lawn chairs on the tramp......NO you can't put the buckets on the tramp.........NO you can't put the sled on the tramp........seems like all I do some days is tell her NO NO NO.  She would empty the entire contents of the garage into the pool and sandbox!  I have banned her from the garage......period.  She can rarely stick to playing with anything for very long the way it is actually intended to be played with.  It's not long till she's modified it, Tied it, or loaded onto or into something and hauled it some where.  She was playing legos in the basement and all of a sudden I hear a weird noise.....I go down to see what's going on and she is scooping handfuls of legos into a cooler......why????  The lights were all off and they were playing by the light of one little lamp plugged in beside them?????

They were so proud of themselves for lining all the trucks from their sandbox, and their trikes up .......right at the bottom of the stairs in front of the main entrance to the house.......... lovely.

 Sunday morning always SO happy to have Daddy home:)
 I told Ella to SMILE cause her mama wants to see her cute face:)  It IS a beautiful face isn't it!

 Some one was perched up here like she owned the phone and was boss of the show.

Another beautiful little thankful for all of my daughters:)

Iley had slid down and Ike was, very gentleman like, pulling her skirt back down....she could have cared less that it was bunched around her waist.

 We celebrated Shermans birthday with Dad and the brothers on Sunday.  He got these framed Ken Griffy Jr. cards from Grma D.   They found them at an antique store somewhere.

 Our normal Sunday crew.

She was blowing kisses to the boys whizzing by on their dirt bikes.....I don't think they ever did see her..bless her heart:)

 Iley had decided she didn't want her picture taken......??  She is usually the camera hog.

Hiding behind Wren.....nearly dragging both of them down the slope.

 Troy was telling the boys how to hit the throttle just as you got to the top of the jump....Wren was right in there bossing too.

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