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Monday, August 5, 2013

Where's Kipper?

This was one of the first things Iley asked this morning.  They both think Uncle Kip is SO fun.  We are enjoying having Troy's brother Kip and his wife Darcy here with us for a few days!  He was being silly and putting his glasses down on his nose.  They are all three sweating!  Our air conditioner is on the blink.  The A.C. guy thinks it's the motor....which will probably have to be replaced:( 

Uncle Kips took pity on us and treated us to D.Q. for supper.  Not much fun to eat while you are sweating!

While we were sitting here our AC repairman came in.  I beeeegggged him to please save me,  I said "I'm dying"......Iley pipes up "no mommy? she dead?"  So I said yep.  Darcy asked her if she wanted to go home with her and live?  She thought about it a little was tempting........then decided she'd stay with mom after all.  I told the AC repairman (who also happens to be a relative) that I would roll out the red carpet for him tomorrow:)
 Iley wanted to sit by Uncle Kip AND Aunt Darcy .....Wren was content on the end with Unca Kip. 

These three opted for a table by themselves.

 When we got home, this pair were dining in style......on the garage was cooler out here than in the house!  They had come over to use the grill...their steak and grilled veggies looked better than our D.Q! 

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