Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This may look like an ordinary occurrence, but trust me it hasn't always been!!  They were neither one interested in books for a long time.  Iley would look at them, but wouldn't sit through even the simplest story read out loud.  Wren just plain wasn't interested at all.  Now Iley begs me several times a day to read books mommy, can we read books?  Wren will sit and look at books for 10-15 minutes at a time.  She still isn't interested in me signing them to her yet, but at least she is interested.  I'm amazed at the work God is doing in their hearts every week.  They were sitting here "reading" while I fixed supper.  Iley was there first, and when Wren wanted to look too, she scooted right over and let her sit by her.  She is getting so much better at sharing, and doing kind things for Wren.  Wren has always been quick to let Iley share, and kind of look out for her.  It's heart warming to see it returned.  She tells me at least once a day that "I like Wren, she my sister"  every thing is Iley Wren  with her as if it's one word.  They are a lot like twins.  They play all day without a word.  They sign enough to get a key point across, then seem to totally understand what the other is thinking. We are SO thankful God convinced us we needed two together. 

 The other constant hue and cry is "Mommy....mommmy.....mommy.....look at me......Iley I can hear you just talk.  No mommy look at me......I usually sigh and say.......ok I'm looking.....what do you want.....'can we go to the play ground?'  my usual answer is maybe after's too hot right now....and then she forgets.....well not tonight......we went to the play ground.

 This was a BAD choice of bottoms to wear on this girlie to the park!!  It hindered her every move, and we forgot to put shorts on under.......just glad we were the only ones there!

I'm stuck.....what's up with this slide!

This skirt was just not working.....

 ........not working..........

......not working......

 Definitely NOT working!

 Then they decided to go up the slides.

Pretty pleased with her self!


  1. Loved seeing the girls play!

  2. It is so fun to see the sweet expressions on the girls' faces!

  3. Good girls with the books!! I was starting to get into the habit of letting Joshua and Katie Grace watch a movie on the iPad before sleep. Then I went back to having them read books. They fussed about it for a short time, but now they look forward to their book time. Joshua has always loved reading, like your girls, it has taken some time to get Hua to sit still and "read" a book and enjoy that time. Now she likes it more.
    Love your sweet girls!