Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meeting Old Friends..and New.

 Old friends for the girls, new friends for us.  The girls and their little boy lived in the same Orphanage.  They were traveling through our area and contacted us to see if they could stop and see us.  Of course you can!......except....they had some delays along the way...and the day they were coming through we had a Ophthalm"ologist" Appointment in KC.   So we had to meet on the road.  We met at Chipotle in Topeka for a much too short lunch.  I fell in love with little Mr. B!  He was SO darling and sweeeet!  Michaiah is a doll too, and super smart!  My favorite story of hers is her "polyester party" because all her stuffed animals have the same says so on the tag......except for the two whose tags were  missing.....they decided to call them  Polly & Esther:)  Love it.

What a darling bunch of kids!  Iley stayed home and was sorely missed by all.

We all kind of think Iley and Mr. B look alike....what do you guys think?

I would have kept him:)

How do YOU entertain yourself waiting on the corn on the cob to cook??

Sherman is quite the help in the kitchen these days!!  He cut up all the squash, and shucked and silked the corn...Harrison did help with that.   Tonight he fried the hamburger and cut up and cooked the squash, set the table, made the tea, and stirred up the cornbread and put it in the muffin papers!  He even emptied the dishwasher!!  Maybe this is all a good thing since he still maintains that girls are a bother, and he can't imagine having a girlfriend.   We made Harrison clean up the table and put away the food:)  He thought it was a raw deal since Sherman WANTED to help.  

Taking a walk on a beautiful evening.

 Complete with fruit snacks.

 What is going on up there???

We want to come up and play too!

Iley let Sherman drive "her" combine......Harrison kept asking if he could drive it?  She huffs and says FINE, but you can't drive it all crazy!!!

WHY????  Why?? why do the blankets need to line the stairs??? I have to remake their entire beds before they can sleep!

Wren's Ophthalmologist appointment went well.  She actually has 20/20 vision but has astigmatism in both eyes.  She doesn't have to patch anymore! Yay!  We got a new prescription so will be getting new glasses soon!  The ones she has now have seen better days!  They've been pitched across the lane in a fit of temper.....they've been sat on, taken off and forgotten in the sandbox for several name it!  part of one of the ear pieces are missing, we've had to rig up our own version.  We've been waiting to see if her prescription changed before getting new ones.

We bent a plastic ear piece, stuck a paper clip in it then put the squishy rubber sleeve over it all. Not beautiful but it works!

 I wash her glasses at least 5 times a day!  Iley's maybe once during the day.  How do I get across to her...."you CAN"T touch the glass!!"??  Trust me I've signed it, pantomimed it, made her wash them herself...nothing seems to work:(  or is this just a 6 yr old with glasses?


  1. My 7 year old has worn glasses since he was 3 and I am amazed he can see through them most days! Ewww....

  2. Good luck! My 14 year old's glasses are disgusting most of the time. I finally stopped washing them for her and stopped trying to get her to wash them too. GROSS!!!! Denee

  3. I bet Sherman helped rig up the glasses! :)

  4. Oh how we loved our visit with you!!! Too short and still need to meet the whole gang! But, very blessed for what we got! Wren is a doll and our kids are still talking about it. Ben keeps asking, "Where where Iley is Momma?" He just cant accept that they aren't always together and that he didn't get to see her too! Alas, reason for another visit someday for sure! Thanks for meeting us on the go!