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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Catch up time

Sorry!  I know it's been a while since I've posted.  I've been busy.....yes.  But mostly I've been in a bit of a funk.  Nothing has seemed interesting, or blog worthy.....I feel blah.  As some of you know Troy has moved our cabinet door manufacturing plant to Pueblo Colorado.  Which means he is gone from Monday morning, till late Friday eve.  I'm just a bit for a change of pace, this weekend we traveled to Pueblo to see him instead of him coming home. 

 We are very familiar with all the bathrooms along the way........

 Eating at McD's the first night....we moved outside because the air conditioner inside was like the arctic!  Iley was shivering saying "I'm freeze"  so we sent one of the brothers to the car for their sweaters ..."my legs are still freeze!"  so we moved outside.

Is that better Ms. Cricket?

 Do you see the difference between the picture of Iley above and Wren below?  Iley's glasses have non glare glass in them..Wren's don't.  I just ordered the non glare in her new ones!!  It is extra.....but I feel like it's worth it to see her eyes in the pictures that document her life.  I don't want years worth of pictures with no eyes showing.....or one eye showing.

We stayed at some friends house over the weekend......they were very gracious to allow us to crash in on them with our crew of 6:)  Thanks Mark and Emily!  Sorry Mark for the picture of you in your P.J.'s and bed head:)  But I thought the picture of the kids eating their breakfast around the train track was cute....and they all have p.j.'s and  bed heads too so you're not alone:)



 This is the baby of the bunch.....lil Malachai.  He loved the boys....but wouldn't have anything to do with Troy or I.

He was VERY interested in Harrison's reese cup he was opening.....he watched it carefully......all the way....

to Harrison's mouth!........of . all. the. nerve!

Wren zoned totally out watching a cartoon.  Looking cheese brained!  We always tell our kids that too much screen time makes you cheese brained......and feel cheese brained.

On Saturday we went swimming at the YMCA near their house.  They have a membership there so we got in free:)

This guy's middle name should be ENERGY!

 He wanted me to take a picture of him frowning............try again.............

better......but there's still a sparkle:)

Then lets go totally boy! about this?

 Now that's funny stuff right there:)

I wanted a picture of them all together....It was break time, so they were fairly willing.  Isaiah wanted to put his arm around everyone......Cricket was NOT impressed!
 .......not impressed......... not impressed...........
 .....all right buddy, you asked for elbow for you.
 ........I don't think it fazed him! LOL.

 They were so happy with their goggles we borrowed from the Y......even if they were so foggy I don't know how they could see anything!  But they must have been able to cause Troy said Iley was signing "stop" under water as he swam towards her:)

 So much fun to ride the daddy sea horse!
........... and under we go!!!

Let's do it again!
 We went to a play after this...called the Cross and the Switch was put on by Mark and Em's church, .  I don't know if any of you have read the book or not, but it's about a preacher that went to the "hood" to tell the troubled teens that formed several of the toughest, most notorious gangs in NYC that God LOVES you!  God loves you and so do I.  It was an amazing story of how he turned most of two rival gangs, and the most hardened gang leader, to Jesus. That gang leader now attends the church we were at!! The church had child care for the kids as well.  The girls once they realized they had the choice to either siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt.........or go to a room with toys and a movie........bailed on us in a hurry!  This in itself is rather huge!!  They stayed with strangers in a strange place, trusting that we would come back for them.  When we went to pick them up, several of the kids had already left with their parents.  I could see a tenseness on Iley's face.  She said "I like you mommy" when she came up to me.....???  I said I love YOU Iley!  were you glad to see mommy?  YES! she said.....with voluntary hugs and kisses!!  I told her mommy will always come back for her girls!  You belong to this mommy forever!  The next day we attended church at the same place.  They were just fine to go to the kids room again verses sitting in church.  Much less anxiety on their part this time.  I signed to Wren when leaving that Mommy and Daddy, Harrison and Sherman were going to sit and watch.......her and Iley were going to stay and play, and mommy would be back in a little bit.  She seemed to understand, and went off to play.  The helpers said they were both "so sweet".......and that Wren liked to give hugs and kisses.......yes she does! 

On the way home we stopped at Mc D's for breakfast and as we are ordering Wren is tapping me and signing noodles.  I told her no noodles here......eggs and sausage.  She thought a minute and then held up two fingers with raised eyebrows.....I nodded yes you get two sausage patties.......she then gave me a thumbs up sign and a wink!!  Love it.  

Today.....Tuesday........I gave them the new backpacks from Grmpa and Grma K.  Iley saw the giraffe one online a while back and begged for it.  The bags  are so adorable.....and nice...BUT........their folders won't fit in them:(  I told her she couldn't take it to school..........melt down!!!  sob sob.....I showed her that her folders were too big, they wouldn't zip around it......sob sob.........but she soon found other things to pack around in it, and we loaded their old Hello Kitty bags with all their new supplies and she was smiling again.

 "I don't want you help!!"

 The lurker!......with the bushy bushy blonde hair do:)  today was his first day of football practice.

Today ......still Tuesday......was also the last day before school started,  that the Health Dept. was in town doing immunizations.......theirs still hadn't been updated since coming home, because of all their surgeries....and because I just couldn't face it yet.  I really think all the moms should boycott!!! Make the Dad's take them!  UGH...I hate it as much as they do.  I bribed them with ice cream afterwards, and the town pool tomorrow.......they still cried, but who wouldn't if you were wrapped in a bear hug, with each of your legs clamped between a nurse's legs.......and on the count of three they both simultaneously jab a needle in your thighs! Barbaric!!! OUCH!!  I begged poor Ella to assist me in this trauma:(  She's such a peach.  She waited in the waiting room with Wren while I took Iley back, and then consoled Iley with books and a candy necklace while I went back with Wren for round two.  I think I deserved Ice Cream as much as they did:)

When we got done they...well Iley...wanted to go for a walk.  Her idea of a walk is to ride the trikes around the shop.  They were both into the cucumbers this evening!  Each of them ate two raw.....straight from the garden one with peeling on.....then one peeled.

I told them to stop and look at me.......Iley says It's bright!!

One more.....look at me girls......Iley..."I said it's too bright!!"

 After telling her "come on lets go if you want to ride"  She informs me with hand raised up " I trying to think first" 

 Petal Peddle power??

Sorry.......cute shoes on even cuter brown feet need to be documented.

 Showing me her owies.  She informed me her tummy didn't hurt anymore.......she had been complaining of it the last two days.........she says shot make me not sick anymore.......oh boy maybe telling her that the shots were to keep her from getting sick is going to backfire next time she has the flu!!
That is a total Wren look .......ornery much?

 Look at MY ouchies too!  With an expression to go with it.

They were done posing for me.


  1. I love how many pictures you take! Almost as many as me!! And I was getting ready to email you to make sure you weren't dead, since you hadn't blogged in days!

  2. The only thing worse then watching your children get their shots is...watching your grandchildren! Awfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoyed your pictures!