Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Laughing at the wonky pig tails!  If you have ever tried to put pigtails evenly on the head of a moving will sympathize.  It's MUCH harder than you think......but the result is kinda a wonky way.  Check out her shoes.......she has the skinniest feet!

Or maybe it's just the face that is the hair really doesn't matter?

 Or maybe she is the one that's wonky!?

But oh what a cute little Cricket:)

We had a very sad moment when Wren saw Iley's pigtails......she had already requested a braid......yep she signed braid.......but when she saw the pig tails she wanted those.......but we didn't have time to redo hair.  These pictures were actually taken after school cause we ran out of time.  I snapped the ones of Iley as Wren was finishing her breakfast........she didn't get done before  the bus came.

She is looking so grown up:(  and getting so tall!  She weighs 47lbs now.  She weighed 37 when she got here.

 Such a beautiful little Scout.

She tries to say I love you:)  It sounds like ah lolum.  She WANTS to be verbal so badly!  Please pray with us that God will open those pathways of language!!  Restore the years the locust have eaten!  Beauty from Ashes.  Hope and a future.  BUT.........HIS will, not mine....because His plan is always so much better than mine.....because my plan was... I was DONE  after 4 boys......but look what I would have missed if I had said no to God's plan.

Conversation in the car while discussing trucks.......One boy to the least our mom isn't a complete least she knows cool wheels when she sees them!  Saved by the wheels people!.......whew....a narrow miss!

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  1. LOL, not a complete dud, whew...that was close! I was thinking about how much Iley had grown when you mentioned Wren's growth. Isn't it amazing how much they have changes since coming home from China?

    Wren and Iley are just precious, and beautiful! I consider it a gift that I get to follow from afar!

    Blessings sweet friend!