Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Laughing at the wonky pig tails!  If you have ever tried to put pigtails evenly on the head of a moving will sympathize.  It's MUCH harder than you think......but the result is kinda a wonky way.  Check out her shoes.......she has the skinniest feet!

Or maybe it's just the face that is the hair really doesn't matter?

 Or maybe she is the one that's wonky!?

But oh what a cute little Cricket:)

We had a very sad moment when Wren saw Iley's pigtails......she had already requested a braid......yep she signed braid.......but when she saw the pig tails she wanted those.......but we didn't have time to redo hair.  These pictures were actually taken after school cause we ran out of time.  I snapped the ones of Iley as Wren was finishing her breakfast........she didn't get done before  the bus came.

She is looking so grown up:(  and getting so tall!  She weighs 47lbs now.  She weighed 37 when she got here.

 Such a beautiful little Scout.

She tries to say I love you:)  It sounds like ah lolum.  She WANTS to be verbal so badly!  Please pray with us that God will open those pathways of language!!  Restore the years the locust have eaten!  Beauty from Ashes.  Hope and a future.  BUT.........HIS will, not mine....because His plan is always so much better than mine.....because my plan was... I was DONE  after 4 boys......but look what I would have missed if I had said no to God's plan.

Conversation in the car while discussing trucks.......One boy to the least our mom isn't a complete least she knows cool wheels when she sees them!  Saved by the wheels people!.......whew....a narrow miss!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Picture Day at School

It was picture day at school and I just love them in Black and white/pink.  I was happy to find their dresses at W@l-M@rt.  Since we are T@rget deprived around's nice when Wally world has something half way cute.  I wish I knew how to run my editing program.....I could make these pictures look a lot better.....but my dear friend who could help me is waaaay busy, so  I'm waiting on some extra funds to take a class.  Some day, some way:)  But for's the untouched version.

Monday, August 26, 2013

More school bus pictures.

Waiting for the bus.  Pleased with her P*rple:)  I didn't say it Ella! 

They love the routine of picking out their clothes every night!  I give them 3-4 options and they pick from those.

Don't take my picture mom!

What do we do with the crazy birds that are roosting in our trees???  Look at the leftovers under the trike. Yuck!

Home again home again jiggety jog.  Sherm informed me it was time to quit taking pictures of them getting on and off the bus....the first day is over mom.

 attitude much?

 Sherman left his book on the bus and Wren was quite pleased with herself that she got to carry it off.

The end.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School Fest

Every year on the Saturday after school starts our town puts on a back to school fest.  It's all kinds of games, and blow up slides and bouncing thingies.  The pool has free swimming all day, and the cheerleaders do face painting, and the boy scouts grill hot dogs and hamburgers and stuff like that.  

Wren was game for any of it.....Iley on the other hand complained that it was tooo HOOOOTTTT......and asked when are we going swimmmmming...moooooaaan.

You crawl up the left side then onto the center part, and when you get to the other side it tips toward the slide and off you go.

Here she comes.........

 ....Yeee Haawww!

 ..........and Harrison.

........didn't slide.

Finally it was time to go to the pool.  They stayed until it closed!

 Every hour there is a 15 minute break..........they think it's dreadful, and I admit it seems a bit excessive....but I'm sure they have a reason.  Only adults can swim at the break.......but they rarely do, and the kids think it's a waste of good water!

Wren wore her swim cap and "ears" for a while, then she wanted to take them off for more freedom, so I let her.  Iley kept complaining that her goggles pulled her we put the swim cap on her....she loved it!

 This girl has turned into a little fish!!  She was face down and under water most of the day!

 When the pool closed, we went back over to the park again for a while.

 The three amigos..........minus their other side kick, Gordo......he had just been with them, I don't know where he went??

 Wren and Miley, a little girl in their class.

 Wren surprisingly, is my social bug!  She will go up to any one and join in if it's active.  Iley is much more reserved!  She mostly plays with just Wren unless someone comes up to her.

Another little girl in their class.

One of the boys commented while watching Wren and Iley interact with each other....."They don't even really say anything and they still know exactly what the other one means, it's weird"  It really is amazing!  They totally get each other.......or get on each others middle ground!

I forgot to add the latest updates last blog of the girls' 2nd day of school.  Thursday night Iley was exhausted and weepy and didn't want to go to school again because it was scary!.......Poor baby, she went her first day dosed on tylenol, hobbling on a sore leg, and separated from Wren!  No wonder it was scary!  She's faced so many hard things alone:(  But she's a little fighter!  She went to school in spite of it (although she has 2 spots on her right hand where she picked them until she bled out of sheer nervousness)  She came off the bus the second day smiling and excited to show me all her stuff though!!  I asked her if it was scary today, and she said "nope".  Whew!  I talked to her teacher at the pool and she said she was doing fine except they were going to have to figure something out to hurry up her frequent hand washing.  mmmm hmmm!  The girl potties often.....and takes for ever to wash and get out!

Wren had 2 good days so far too!  Her teachers do really well at sending notes home to keep me informed.  They are awesome.  One note said "Wren was able to follow her classmates in two listening activities.  She also could hear sound in the other room!!  She was very helpful today"  

The other note said "We had 2 really great days.  She has had a wonderful start to Kindergarten.  She has only had a few times she refused to do what was asked and it only lasted a few minutes.  She is hearing many things and working on identifying them."   Yay Wren!! 

 So proud of my girls!! 

We had to get Iley's glasses so she could see herself in the full mirror across from the tub.....then they fogged up, so she really couldn't see much anyway.