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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

They've figured out how to turn on the hose.........It's a dreadful keeps them entertained for hours.

Wren loaded these trikes onto this trailer....mostly by herself.....she had a few helpful pushes and grunts from the Cricket......but mostly by herself.  She is an extremely determined little person.  Now if she'd just direct that determination to listening and learning speech and sign language!!!

Dontcha love the shoes!
 She wore these around like this for most of the day??

Monday we went to a ladies luncheon to be with  Sara, a friend who has moved away, who was in town for the weekend.  Ella offered to stay with the girls so I could go enjoy myself........but I  called the hostess, and she said there was supposed to be 22 kids there!!!  I knew the girls would enjoy all the other they went.  Funny thing is, they played mostly by their selves.  Not even with each other. Just silently played with all the new toys.  UNTIL  everyone left.  Then they played together.  I don't know if it was just too overwhelming?  If the language barrier is still too big?  If they don't really know how to play "correctly" yet???  They were quite happy, but just not real interactive.

The kids had so much fun dressing up!  I had to laugh cause.....the boys were getting into it much more than the girls.  I laugh every time I see that little grinning face in the background of this picture:) The little guy in the background is Will, Clayton and Dana's......the pretty girl in the front is Chloe, Mathan and Kara's.
 Far left is Jonathan..Brad and Sarah's, Will is in the middle, and Stuart on the right he's Nathan and Janelle's.

 The big girls in the background were Awesome help with all the littles!  The one in the green shirt is Samantha, she's Ez and Danielles.  The one in the pink is Meredith, she's Jason and Erins.

This is Brad and Sarah's Jillian.

 If you'll notice.......there's not a toy left on the shelves.
 Iley said that Ellie(Mathan and Kara's) helped her put this puzzle together.  So I guess she did play a little with someone.  Ellie is in dress up clothes that are way too big:)

 This is Brad and Sarah's baby.

 Such a little squeezy:)

There were so many cute little munchkins there!  This is Jason and Erin's baby Andrew.

 This is Clayton and Dana's youngest.  He was SO funny.  and charming:)  His main goal all day was to find any and all candy or sweets.  Just when his mom thought she had it all out of he'd come with something else.  She got all the candy put up and he got a stool and found the cookies on the counter in the kitchen!  Then he'd find a  piece of something someone dropped!  His mother was slightly exasperated......the rest of us thought it was hilarious.

 I mean seriously!  How can you resist that face!!  I'm afraid I'd spoil him rotten:)

 This is one of his big brothers (He has 3 and a big sis).  He thought he was so funny all dressed up like a girl.

I miss those baby arms, hands, cheeks and necks of my little boys:)

 This is Clayton and Dana's oldest boy.  He thought it was so funny to dress up as a lady, but was almost embarrassed to have his picture taken.
Fun day.  Cute kids:)

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