Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, July 19, 2013


I wish I knew what made the difference.  Some days they are totally in sync......on the same wave kindred spirits......thick as in crime.........and some days they can't look at each other with out glaring and spitting.  Well actually this can happen moment to moment, but today....they were totally on....and a hoot to watch.

Wren is almost always the mastermind behind their schemes.  I'm sure it was her idea.....and she was the one who got the towel spread out.   It was Iley's duty to go tell mom "I want a snack"  They are eating cold hot dogs.....with very interested on lookers.......which I'm guessing was the motive behind their perch.

 We let a bunch of water out of the pool so they can touch the bottom.  They played in it for 3 hrs. today!!  I looked out the window to check on them and see this.

The mad tier.....has struck again.  Scout......I dubbed her this before meeting her.....not knowing how well the title would fit...... is extremely industrious when it suits her!  She managed to move the ladder over under the basket ball goal and tied the rope to it.....then she moved the ladder back away..........and swung/jumped/fell off of it!!!  She also had a toboggan sled, various sand box toys, an ice cream bucket, tried to put the stroller in.......but I caught her.........All of this....With NO help......or only the very limited help of  The Cricket.  She is 6.  WHAT is she going to be doing when she's 10?????  This is the child that couldn't walk on uneven ground 14 months ago.....the child that couldn't stand up on the trampoline if someone else was jumping.....couldn't pedal a trike!!!!!....AMAZING!!!  And we get front row seats to the show.  (we also get clean up duty....which is no small task behind this one)

Iley was right behind her bailing off  the ladder with out a qualm!  She can also do somersaults under water, and swim a little with her face in!!  This is the child that wouldn't get off the ladder last year....AMAZING!!

They should sleep well tonight!

 The rest are just pictures I took for fun........well mostly cause they're clean and their hair was washed:)  Aren't you glad they had a bath after looking at that green pool water!  I knew that would make you all feel better:)

 One of Wrens processors went bad on us and the replacement one is supposed to come in the mail in a day or two, so until it gets here, we are using her over the ear one.......I actually think it works better than the other one, but it is hard to keep on her head.

 I really can't imagine what they'd do without each other!  Iley tells me all the time....."I like a Wren"  "or that's my Wren"  or "that's MY sister"  and it's always "Iley Wren do such and such"  Or is that for Iley Wren.....always paired together.

 Wren is saying eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee here (her version of cheese)  problem is when she does it she holds it ..............and gets a slightly fixed expression:(
 eeeeeeeeeeeeeee(the girls got giraffe legs!)
 deep breath............eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......I give up.

Sorry about the fast forward.......I don't know how to change it:(  So aggravating.  It didn't used to do this??


  1. I love the video's! Your girls are beautiful and I love that they are together and not alone in the CWI!

  2. It melts my heart to watch little children learn to play and have the freedom to be a child in a family! Our little is making amazing leaps and bounds lately. So precious! They are amazing! I also love having two close in age!