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Monday, July 15, 2013


She's taking our picture again!

 Smile Thatcher!

Like this?

BE NICE and smile for your mom!

He's such a brat!

 Something to the same effect was going on over here!

 I think he acted like he was licking her right after this picture!  Good grief.
 Sherman says......Mom, seriously, WHY are you taking all these pictures......Harrison answers in a lispy 'oh my goodness tone'  "For the blog of courssse"

 So Sherman says "'s one for the blog"  I said FINE that is SO going on the blog! 

Harrison.....who had just sobered up slightly from laughing at Sherman.

 I wondered where this one had disappeared to.....she does that when we are all just sitting around talking....she doesn't get much out of it:(  I love that she is starting to look at books much more:)

Then Ella MUTINIED .....stole my camera....held us at gun point.....and said now YOU smile.......well something like that anyway;) 
 Have I said before.....I LOVE this man!

So pleased that her skirt would twirl!

 Riding Trikes to the end of the lane.......then they got off and walked......sorry peeps more pasture's a entertainment challenged area around here!

They had gloves on because they had been eating Popsicles.   Jackets because it was a blissfully cool evening!  Felt so good after 104* for the last week.

Fist bump.

Swinging over the gully.

Trust me....she totally knew I was taking her picture and was like "la la la la"

 Perched on the old combine with the big brothers.

 This is the girl that wouldn't climb to the top of the swing set a year ago:)

I love how these big brothers look out for their little sisters!  They really are amazing with them.

 Perched on a random slab of concrete in the middle of the pasture.

 The boys are like "hurry up mom!  our knees are killing us!"

 The only one left willing to pose.


That about wraps up our Sunday.

Harrison yells from the living room to ILey who is in the den......."Iley, come here"  Iley replies  "NO, You come in here and talk to me" I wonder where she's heard that??

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