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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Play Ground

Mommy, I wanna go to the PLAYground........Mommy, I WANNA go to the play GROUND......MOMMY.......I wanna GO to the least 30 times yesterday I heard this from the Cricket.  I told her AFTER supper, when it cools off, we will go....I PROMISE.  She still asked me every 5 minutes........sigh.

Watching the train go by.

They tried and tried and tried to go UP the slide.  They never did make it on this one.  Wren got behind Iley and pushed backwards....

 Then turned around and tried pushing this way......

Then we went from the city park over to the school playground.......they spent a loooong time on the merry go around face down like this.....pushing with their hands.

Then they tried this slide......Wren FINALLY made it up the slide......Iley had to have help.  Their feet were too dusty and slick.

 I helping sister:)  Help???  Well she was grunting a puffing enough for both of them anyway!


  1. I love their dresses. SO cute. I seen you pulling up to the park and would have came over and visited while they played but boys were with me and thought they needed to get home. Was a nice eve for the park. Helps pass the evening till bedtime and I'm sure they love it.

  2. Cute pics! I love the haircuts! They are just right for summer. You have them dressed adorably to go to the park...mine always looked like ragamuffins! Wish, wish, wish I were at the park watching them play with you...:( We could have discussed every aspect of their individuallity!!! You know. Hope to see Thatch and Kyn this weekend...and others. :) I will see if Fran can load some of her camp pictures on email and send them to you...poor baby got soooo sunburned and now she is all peely and red. Will call you after the weekend!!

    Give all there my love,

  3. I love the girls dresses! You take the best pictures! I loved seeing the girls playing and having so much fun! You are a great mama!