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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mr. Mess Improved

He's still least he's doing some productive messes now.  He mentioned the other day that he missed messing in water, but knows the girls are watching so he doesn't do it anymore.  Isn't he a sweetheart.  He wanted to make pancakes, sausage, and eggs for lunch........I know Ash and Thatch.....I know......."she never let us cook in her kitchen".....I may have never had such a PERSISTANT child before either!'s easier to let him cook ....and then clean up the mess.... than outlast him in his pleading, and number of reasons he should be able to do something....especially if it involves a handy power whisk!

 Iley was sitting on a chair looking at a book....I think Wren was under the desk sulking cause I'd run her out of the work area.

He did these all by himself.

And the pancakes...directions read....stirred up...and cooked by the chef.

Thanks Sherm:)  It was all pretty good! 

And our healthy supper of hotdogs and garden squash.

 Summer time:)

Big Bro Thatcher giving them a ride.

Waiting her turn.......with drama of course!

Stopping to pick something......that's important ya know.

My turn!

Thatcher said she screamed FASTEEEEEEERRRRR  most of the ride.

Wren loves to kiss us all.

These boys do SO well at loving on her!

Ahhhh!  Two with one shot:)

 Our next pitcher?  She had just thrown the base ball to Thatcher.

 She wore this hat all evening.  Wren saw hers and Kyndahls and wanted one too.  I told her hurry go get one....we were getting ready to take a walk.....she took off for the house.......and must have got distracted, cause she came back carrying a skate board??? 

Climbing on the empty propane tank.

 Hang on to them MIGHT be able to keep them from falling ya know...silly girl.

Stopping to pick again!  She'll have something bleeding before the nights over.


 Why do I have to stand here mom?......Just because  I said so Iley.


 OK I'm DONE now!

 We found 2 of these lovely critters on our walk!  Thatcher was messing with the first one and it bit his finger!

 Hitching a ride back cause "my legs are TIRED"

Riding off into the sunset??

 Love these kids!  One Blessed Mama.

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