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Monday, July 1, 2013

Just Because It's been a While

...and not because I have much to say.

The Cricket.....Iley....being her silly self.  She came in wearing Harrisons sock hat, so I told her to stand over by the door so I could take her picture.....but being a cricket.....she can't just stand there.

Iley was getting way too much attention so Wren had to join in.

 Which was occasion to break into dance...

 .....and sing.......

 .....ta dah.....

 .......The End.

 Moving on to Sunday, I know I take a lot of pictures on Sunday.....the truth is, it's the only day their hair is washed, and they are dressed up:)  So I have to take lots of pictures.  Before you gross out about the hair....they swim every day.  If I wash their hair, they just go out right after lunch and what's the point.  By the end of the week it's a lovely level of crunchy!   Stand alone kinda do's.
But they clean up pretty cute!


And then there are my boys............who are just as cute and as much loved......but MUCH harder to get a picture least one that they aren't making some weird face with their tongue sticking out!

 Iley, loves the camera.  She got in every picture I took of everyone else.  She's in the one above, just below camera focus!  Harrison had just sat her down.

 My Dad and Mom came to visit from Ohio for a week..... spoiling me and my kids.  It was a lovely thing to hear the thump of the girls getting out of bed upstairs.......and then silence.  Usually I hear a thump, and then a pitter pat of feet.  For a whole week, they went to Grpa and Grma's room instead of mine:)  Grandma would read books to Iley while Wren looked at books, and then she'd fix them breakfast......and i could sleeeeeeeep:)  ah bliss.  Troy and I even got a whole day AWAY to our selves:)  double bliss!!  Mom helped cook, clean and do laundry, Dad fixed things.....and snuck away with the boys more than a couple times for ice cream at DQ.  Thanks mom and dad!  For your help, and for loving us... We LOVE you!
 Look! Wren snuck in!..........

But not for long!

 Hugging Grandpa bye before going to bed.


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  1. Love those happy busy bees! Grandmas and Grandpas rock!!!