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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July

Sorry folks, the pictures aren't great or many.  Iley was adamant that she did NOT want to watch the fire works.  All she knew of fire works were the very loud......very NOT pretty bottle rockets and dynamite ones the big brothers shot off at home.  But......When they were done she asked if we could come back tomorrow:)

 Carrie joined us since her hubby Micah was still in wheat harvest.

I Don want to watch a fireworks! I Don like a fire works! They too loud.

But if it was a choice between go home and no candy, or watch fire works AND get candy.....candy always wins with this girl.....not that she really had a choice;)


OOOOHHHHHH!  Priiiiiiitttyyyy!

I thought only BOYS did this!!  Good grief.


  1. I loved your photos and I especially enjoy the fact that your boys love their little sisters so much. How in the world did you do that video! It's wonderful! The girls look they are having so much fun! What a wonderful blessing to have two together, instant playmates and friends (besides sisters)!

  2. Loving the video so much, that is adorable, thanks for sharing. Happy 4th to you all.

  3. Hi my friend! I DO. Still check in often so I can see your beautiful faces. Both my laptop and our home computer have died! Boooooooooo!!!!! First of all, I can't access any old my photos, although we seemed to have been able to save them on a disc. And also. I can't really blog because I can't upload pics. I am trying to be content without it but wow, I was so attached to my computer. It has been a couple months and it may be several more before I can afford another. Just know I am checking in, often on my phone or sometimes on my husband's IPad. Love you all!!

  4. Hi Judy! Looks like you enjoyed the fireworks- We ended up watching them in all the towns all along 70 - we had the perfect view!- was fun to meet you!

    1. YOU TOO!! That is always fun to meet unexpectedly! Hope you have a fun trip! For those of you wondering.....we met Melanie and her family in Mc D's in Hays. They were traveling through to Colorado and we were eating there before watching fireworks. I said hello to her husband who was the only other parent in the play area.....He asks me..."do you have a blog?" I'm like......uh yeaaaaahh....thinking....what in the world???? My blog is not to my knowledge widely read.......he says my wife follows it!!! I had to laugh! We got to chatting with them and figured out where they were from and how they knew us:) SO FUN.