Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


These two girls are fish!

 That's Wren swimming face under.

 A little help from sister.

Ready to head down the slide:)

This sweet boy wanted to go down the slide with both of the girls.  He played with them most of the time he was there.  He was 6 also.  He stole my heart......a foster child staying with a family in town.  He is just here for a short time in respite care.  He was a sweetheart.  Sweet boy, in spite of the hand he's been dealt.  I'm thankful they are in a home, at least for a short time......that will show them your love and teach them your word.

 I can NOT even believe the difference in the girls' swimming from last year to this!!  They would barely leave my side, and Iley was quite happy in the baby pool........this year.....they BOTH  jumped off that big board in the background.......with NO life jackets or floatation........and swam to the edge!!! AMAZING, crazy little brown babies!!  I don't have pictures because I was in the water ready to rescue them......pffft.....they didn't need mom!  They started out with these swim belts off the low dive.......but quickly decided once they had jumped in to mom, and swam to the edge without them.....that they were a bother.

 Wren always jumps with abandon......

 Iley jumps and is stiff as a board!  Even her toes are tense!


 ........every muscle tense............

The little boy in front of Wren is the one who is 6 and went down the slide with them.  He is quite a bit taller than Wren.  

 Kids crack me up!  They have no personal space bubble!  I've heard that penguins crowd each other in a pack up to the edge of a cliff......finally pushing off some unlucky bird.......if a shark doesn't eat him, the rest know it's safe to jump in......(aren't you glad for a little're welcome:)).......anyway moving on.......the diving board lines reminded me of this:) crowd crowd crowd....don't dare let anyone in front of you......and .....(until it's my turn on the board,  then I'll walk to the end look slowly back up and then go)......HURRY UP!

 Wren about did herself in when she tried copying my dive.  Poor baby gave it a valiant effort....she always does things with wild abandon.........before I was even to the side of the pool, she'd taken a running leap..........and .....belly flopped!  NOT a happy camper for a bit.

 Iley......stiff as a board again!

 another HUGE mile stone...this time last year....they  NEVER would have been able to haul themselves out of the pool over the side.  They didn't have the muscle tone, or the coordination.

......and abandon.........

She never came up at all after jumping!  She swam the whole way to the ladder like this!
AMAZING!!!  Thank you LORD:)  I was also amused watching them sign to each other....Iley signed to Wren that  it was her turn for the goggles......and Wren shook her head at her very bossily, and signed NOT YET:)   She said it in context.....with attitude:)LOL  LOVE IT!!!  Wren asked me Where's Iley?  then before I answered her she signed Potty?.......yep! again.  But.....she went totally by herself!  When praying tonight we thanked God for our soft beds....we always have many interruptions....and Wren pushed on her bed and signed soft?  I said yes!  and your bed is soft, your blanket is soft....but the table is hard......not the same....hard, soft.....different.  She listened the WHOLE time and seemed to get it!  I am signing more and more to her.....whole sentences with connecting words.....she is paying much more attention, and seems more interested.  Thank you God!!  She is initiating more and more signing all the time.
Sorry if you all aren't interested in all this, but I write it so I won't forget where we are, and how far we've come.  Please continue to pray with us that she will have complete understanding and language.  Thank you dear friends.


  1. I'm SO interested!!! We brought home a little deafie 6 months ago and language is SLOOOOW going. And he had a whole bunch of signs prior to coming home, and I already knew asl. It's been a whole lot harder than I expected. We are hopefully about 6 weeks or so away from CI number 1. I'd love to know more about your experiences!

    1. Hi Merissa! I would love to chat with you:) call me at 785-299-0148 or email me at

  2. Judy I am so excited for you as you watch her little world open up! I am amazed that YOU can sign so your ahem ..age. I'm wondering if my brain could learn something so complex!

  3. hey i love see this pics of your daughters. I just want let u know that i am Deaf and been sign ASL(American Sign Language) all of my life well since i was 2 years old :) love your blog! keep it up :)

  4. Love this so much, as entertaining. You have so much to be thankful for. What blessedness. Love you all much.