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Monday, July 29, 2013

Can Jam

Watch this amazing video!  An orchestra with instruments made from recycled trash!  Wow.

This is a few pics from Saturday eve. in Hays....these were leaving the mall.  The boys both just whisked up the girls and hauled them out.

This was Sunday afternoon after church.  We were all sitting around the table chatting, I looked over and saw this......and couldn't resist.  I assured him he was only drooling a little:) and not even snoring.

 Ella was stalking a pesky fly......the others were watching very interested to see if she would get it.  They had just had an enlightening conversation on the fact that flies take off backwards when the fly and if you come up behind them your chances are better at getting them. (Now you can say you've read an educational blog!)

But she still missed:)  Micah told us that his accuracy has improved at least 25% since learning this though! 

 Sherman was extremely bored!  He was sitting here folding and then compressing the dish rag???

 We almost lost another one to dreamland......until a small yellow elf perched on him.

Yep this one's still sleeping!

 Carrie and Micah......Micah lived with us for several months when he first moved here.  We sorta claim them both as ours.

 And these two are always glad to squeeze up tight for a picture.....or well... just to squeeze up tight! 

 Then the party moved outdoors to play Can Jam.........I had never heard of this game, but there are actually tournaments........Sherman says the Champion wins a huge gold hammer......this does not seem like a motivating factor to me.........but hey, each to their own.

 Hugging on the sidelines.

 ......and hugging in the game.......  They were on opposite teams even.....consorting with the enemy camp I tell ya!

 The object is to throw the frisbee into the "can".  Your partner stands near the can and if you aren't going to make it they can knock it into it for 3 points, or against it for 1 point.  If you make it in the can with no help, you win the game.  If you throw it and hit the can with no help it's 2 points. 

Notice all the rolled up had been raining and the grass was wet.  It was about 60* here all day yesterday.  And just  a bit misty and damp.  Which we NEEDED badly!

The Mad Tie ~er....found a rope......and if you have a rope, or a MUST be tied to something!  She did this herself.....notice her foot on the trike to hold it still....she's a professional!

 Iley was not impressed!  She didn't want to be pulled around.......she did NOT trust the tow truck driver:)  I have a funny video of them when they took off.  Iley is wailing MOoooooOM the whole time as I heartlessly watch and film!  But unless someone can tell me how to post them with out them running in fast forward...with no videos.



  1. Ooooookay! The can game thing looks interesting....? glad u got rain....i am posting this from Fran's MP3 player so it is a little txt like...we will send u pics from obx....if u keep up dating us from KS....she appreciated the dandelion pictures ;) u so much it hurts!....gwen

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