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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Wren has been attending summer school for 6 weeks this summer.  Yesterday was her last day, so her teacher took her to D.Q. for lunch.  Then gave her a thing of bubbles.......and smart lady that she is....gave Iley one too;)  Thank you Kay!  They had fun blowing them. And I had fun taking pictures.  I REALLY need to learn how to use my camera better and learn how to photo shop :(  some day.  Until then, enjoy these mediocre, untouched pictures.

Iley has decided she wants to patch her eye too.  This is the second day she's done it. (We just switch eyes each day) I told her if she puts it on, she has to leave it on until Wren takes hers off.  She is a dedicated empathizer!
Misery loves company?  Gotta love the crunchy pool hair!

I'm just sure Sherman is going to be an engineer...inventor....(or maybe a farmer)......... this is his latest invention.  I love all his details.

A garage for his car.....

 with a door that folds up......
....or down.
 .......and a hand latch to hold it up.
Materials used, a card board box, tape(of course) a twistie and a paper clip.  


  1. I always love your photos of the girls! Sherman's invention is pretty cool! Is he the one that makes things out of duct tape?

  2. I think you do a fantastic job of taking pictures even without photoshop. Love Sherman and his inventions. :) Time to get the boys together. Caleb needs some interaction with someone other than me. :)

  3. Love your posts! With this one, I am smiling because at the present time, Jett is in the middle of a robot building project...and oh, you should see it! A mighty contraption it is! He reminds me alot of Sherman! Guess it keeps them busy, but what to do with it later?? The girlies are growing and it's great to see the bond with each other and their brothers! :)