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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Happy Note

Not a lovely sounding note........but a happy one:)  Here are some still pictures of the girls with their glasses on that they made at school and found yesterday....which inspired them to dance, and sing.....  Wren wanted her picture taken by herself, and kept trying to push Iley out of the picture.  She was "singing" the whole time.

And here's a lovely sample of Wren's singing......which she does quite crazy as it makes me, I am rejoicing in the slight pitch changes, and differences I am hearing.  Her first sounds were Caw Caw Caw Caw Caw a high pitched bird......ALL. DAY. LONG.  THANKFULLY we have moved past that!!! 

Ok well not sure the videos are going to work, they are in fast forward!  Anyone have any clue why?  They did this the last time too.  

And last....our swimsuit models.....


I have started patching her left eye again.....I think the right one looks a little off focus with the left(good eye).  I am going to take her back to the ophthalmologist right before school starts....PRAYING that she won't still need glasses!  She has such watery eyes she is forever taking them off, handing them to me to clean, taking them off, laying them down somewhere and forgetting where......taking them off, taking them off, taking them off......ugh...and besides that....they hide those gorgeous eyes:)

 Ouch!!! Look at her poor ear!  I really don't understand the fascination with the goggles.  This is how they wear them most of the time.  When they do put them on and dive under.....they have to empty them when they come up!  rather useless!  Does anyone have any good tips on the "right" goggles?  ones that don't leak? ones that will last at least a whole season? Where do you get them.

I wanted to record a few instances with Wren that were encouraging.  I forget so many of the little things.  We were picking up toys and I signed to Wren to "pick up the big brown bear  first and put it on the table"  1st of all....she listened to the WHOLE sentence!! 2nd of all she immediately picked up the bear and put it where it went!!  I told her to go get her white sandals......again she got the right pair.  I can also sign pink shoes, flip flops, blue sandals, boots, or play shoes, and she will get it right.   I signed to her last night that Harrison and Sherman would be home tomorrow.  This morning she signed to me "Harrison, Sherman, come home"  YES!!!    She came in from swimming last night and signed DQ eat.  Yes my dear, we WILL take you to DQ to eat:):)  that deserves rewarding!!! (she tried it again today!...with out the same result:)  When we were walking out of DQ she signed "cry"  she HEARD a baby crying!!  She didn't SEE the baby crying, she heard it and recognized it for what it was!!  She is locating Iley, and "hearing" her more and more.  She had a really good day at school today!!  I am seeing light at the end of what has been a long dark tunnel.  Thank you Lord for this progress!

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  1. Loving Wrens progress. Every little thing is happiness. :) Such brown little swimmers they are. SO cute.