Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Someone commented that they didn't remember Iley being from Zhongshan too.  Here is the first picture I got of Wren.  I actually stopped a video and caught this picture.  The two girls in pink bibs are my babies.  I think it is just so amazing that they are both in this picture, and when I was looking at it at first I was so focused on Wren, that I didn't know that was my other daughter in the background.

I remember thinking what a forlorn little face......and it WAS! 

 I only have 1 picture of Iley smiling while at the orphanage.  Now that I know her I understand that!  She is a comfort seeker, an attention seeker, a one on one lover, a lap ornament if possible, a piddler, she would NOT thrive in an institutional, one of the herd environment.

The next video I got had Iley in it too.  It was one a friend sent me of her little girl, but I noticed Iley and asked her who it was.  She said she thought she had a family.  Well that was a good thing!  Always happy when a child is matched!! Then I got another video of Wren, and there was that cheeky little girl again!........I was more than a little smitten with her.  I look back now and wonder why?  She wasn't doing anything, just soberly eating her dinner.  The next video little girl, I confess I was a little disappointed and looked for her.  Then out of the blue a friend sent me a video she had just received of her little one.....and there she was, front and center......and I was a goner!  I asked our agency who is that little girl, and does she have a family??  We also asked about a little boy.  He was already going to a family in China. Soooo We asked to see Iley's file and prayed God show us if she is ours...... if she is.....let something in her file be specific to us.  Her birthday!..... is on Troy and I's anniversary.  Pretty specific:) And God knew that she would be a perfect fit for this family.  He knew that Wren needed a sister.  He knew that she would love Wren.....and fight with Wren.............and no one cracks her up like Wren.....and get into trouble with Wren........just like sisters do.


  1. Judy, I love this post about Iley! What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing! I love the bond Iley and Wren have ... true friends and sisters!

  2. Beautiful story, love it, thanks for sharing. Miss you girlfriend. God Bless!