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Monday, June 3, 2013

Setting up the Pool

Last week Thatch called and offered to help set up the pool, but we had supper plans and didn't think we'd have time, so we waited until this weekend......and......ALL of our help had other plans!  So Troy and I set the pool up all by ourselves.  We did a pretty efficient, masterful job of it if I do say so myself:)  We didn't even get crabby at each other!  It's like a meeeracle:)

We had some help from the small brown folk.  They handed us the pins that hold the pipes together.

....and then at times our help wandered off to find more exciting things to do.

Water Angels?

 It crossed my mind.....if I left it empty.......and took away the ladder.......I might actually be able to take a nap occasionally............just a thought.

We are thankful for waterproof processors for Wren:)!!

Ash and Ella stopped by to help us.........JUST as we got done and started filling it!

 No idea what was going on here, she's a goof ball!


They thought it was so funny to put these baggies with water over their faces and look through them. They also skipped them across the water in the pool.  Who knew a baggie full of water could be so entertaining?

We had just pulled the girls out of the tub, and were heading them to bed when the next bunch of visitors arrived.  We told them make yourselves comfy, as soon as we get the girls settled we'll be back.


 Lindon (sp?) Lyndon? Lendon? Lynden  don't hate me....I have no idea.


Thatcher and Kyndahl were here too and for some reason I didn't get a picture of them?  Oh well, I'm sure they'll all be back:)

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