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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

I am blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.  My children are blessed to call him Dad.  Happy Father's day.  Thank you Troy for all you do for me, and for  our family.  Thank you for your sacrifices and all your hard work.  Thank you for loving us, and providing for us.  We LOVE YOU!!

Kyndahl and Thatcher brought this "sweet" card.  So fun, and thoughtful.

 Thank you for sending us the card Steve and Lynette:)  We loved it, and used it:)  Wren didn't quite understand that we were GIVING it to Dad.  She kept trying to take it back.  The girls each signed their own names, and I had the boys sign theirs.  I told them they could write something if they wanted to.  What they wrote made us both tear up:)  Sweet boys.    "Dad we love you very much & we pray for you. Love Harrison"  "#1 Dad ~ be strong, Sherman"   Not long or wordy, but oh so to the point:) 

Troy Grilled Chicken.....which the girls love....even Iley.  As long as the chicken is on the bone, Iley loves it.  If you pick it off and put it on her plate, you have to make her eat it.

This girl is fearless!!
This one.....not so much.

She would jump off and dive for the ring!

 Got it!

She is a fish! (this is Wren)

 Iley started out afraid to jumped in with Sherm.

 Eivel Conevil?.........NOT.  The goggles  are purely for style.

Then she graduated to jumping holding on to Shermans hand.

Iley hopped out (one of many hops) to potty in the grass and completely froze up when she spotted  this friendly toad.  Even when we moved far away she could hardly relax enough to go.

We worry.......we really do.......hee hee

 They do have normal moments........but........:)
 These two came over in the evening and brought Troy a bottle of wine and some home made salsa.  Yum!
We are blessed.

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  1. aww loved the big card Troy got and Sherm and Harrisons words. So sweet. I know they all have a wonderful dad and they love him so much. I'm sure Troy felt loved. Pool pics look so refreshing and water looks so clean. :) Putting it up was worth it. :)