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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend With Siblings

My dear daughter in laws offered to stay with all the kids so I could go to CO to spend the weekend with Troy.  Have I said before I love these girls:)..if not...I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!  And their husbands too of course:). I left Friday morning, and got back Sunday night.  3 days off duty:)  Ahhhhh.  THANK YOU Ash, Ella, Thatcher, and Kyndahl!!!

These first pictures were actually Thursday eve. I  think...or maybe it was Wed.  anyway.....The girls were eating supper, and I wasn't paying much attention to their get up......when it suddenly hit me as funny.  Iley had her kitty purse still strapped on and Wren was wearing her skeeter hat from her preschool program.

 Then right after I had put the girls in the tub.......all the big kids showed up to drag some old doors down from the Hay loft.  The girls (El and Kyn)  have all kinds of schemes in mind for the doors (boys...this will likely involve your help...just warning ya:)).  So we all trooped out to the barn....the girls in their nighties cause they were bathed and ready for I spent most of the time saying don't sit there, don't touch that, boys don't knock dirt down in their hair........

 The instigator.........well one of them...

 ....and the man power that was sweet talked into helping.

"Kyndahl......which ones did you say you wanted? "

They're gonna need some scrubbing!

Lovely bird pooped back ground eh.

 Everyone resting outside after they were done.

 Then we had this awesome sunset.  It kind of glowed.

Iley was just worried about the thunner and lights.

 She finally worried another tooth out Friday night after I left.

Harrison and Sherman made a giant mudhole and the girls had a ball playing in it.

row row row your boat.

Sherman researched on line how to make this bb shooter.  You drill a hole in the side of a pill bottle, and one in the bottom.....glue a pen shaft in the end.....fill it with air soft pellets.....and blow into the top hole.....the pellets rapid fire out!  My very own crazy Inventor.

They played charades and Iley was acting out a monkey.
 Our mature baby sitters.........?

 Did they lock them out???  Is she begging to come in?  My poor babies.

Looks like he was lots of help.
 Nope you still can't come in.


  1. Hey now!!! At least they're all alive and not horribly traumatized:) It's not our fault we don't have as much gracious patience as you! ;) hehehe

  2. They were probably sorry to see boring ol mom come home! They seem unscathed...
    And the house was nice and clean too! So I have no complaints:)

  3. What a wonderful get away for you & Troy. Such a blessing to have such helpful, thoughtful daughter-in-laws! And I LOVE the girls new haircuts so cute on both of them. Blessings to you this week! Christy Simpson