Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Start of Memorial Day Weekend

Warning ......this is only Sunday......could be a picture overload weekend.

I peeked in my guest bedroom this morning to find this......One way to tell there are girls in the house:)

 The girls were out playing in the sprinkler when Iley comes in and says "MOOOOMMMM, where's my umbrella??"

 And since Wren's umbrella broke.........I dug around and found mine......cause it would be a constant "MY TURN" if we don't have two...

 Washing her hands for probably the 15th time in one day....her hands are CHAPPED!  This girl seriously has potty issues!!  I've started making them wipe theirselves and wash their hands......Wren goes about 6 times a day to Iley's 20.  The girl spends half her day in there.  Does anyone else have a child like this?  Does she have an extra small bladder or a spastic one? 

 The big brothers set up this slide in the back of the pickup to make the small tub of water more exciting!

The Big, Big brothers were inside helping rearrange some furniture for least part of the time they were helping.........other times it was like a 3 man circus!

 Trying to roll Thatcher around the spool.......not sure how successful this was???

 Ok......try again.........

I''m surprised it's still in one piece!

 Then this started..............

 Which ended in an all out wresting match..............???

 Seriously you guys!  Spare the furniture!

 Unfazed by the rucus.....she swipes Thatchers shoes.


And the partially finished product.


  1. I love the slide into the water container! What fun! Your big guys always seem to be having fun! What a blessing to have them near by and there to help and visit!

    Oh, I too love the girls in their white and black! I remember Wren and Iley in their black and white outfits in China! BTW, you dress them so cute, all the time!

    I can't wait to see what the rest of the weekend brings in the way of photos!

  2. Hey Judy,
    Looks like lots of fun chaos at your house!! And you must be having lovely weather. We've only had a few really nice days here.

    But, about your comment...I buy mostly organic at the store. Unless it is outrageously expensive. I caved and ate some fried fish yesterday. Now I'm back on track today. I feel so much better on the inside.

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