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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Wrap up

Iley was back messing with Tito, while Tonka lay behind her...gasp!

In digging through some stuff, we found my roller skates......these were a huge hit with the girls.  They even came in handy for reaching the sink:)

They wore them around like this most of the day... using them like a scooter.

Until ....Wren ...... resourceful as always....came up with this solution for staying up right.  One pulled, the other held on for dear life.

They did ok with them both on as long as they stayed on the carpet.......but when they hit the wood floor....oh my......the weeping and crashing.......

Monday eve, we went to Mom and Dad D's for a cook out.
The colorful veggies that always accompany any meal by Mama D.  She has to have her greens:) They don't always come in this form.......but always colorful........and you can always count on a veggie.

Hans trying his new ripstick.

The BBQ dogs done, time for smores......the girls' first real experience with them.
Marisa brought these cool square marshmallows that fit perfectly on a graham cracker square!  Now why didn't I come up with that idea:) 

Dear patient  Aunt Lucy roasted lots of Marshmallows......and she doesn't even like them.

Harrison and Teague (Teague is Troy's brother Kip's boy who is here visiting) were both sick this evening:(

Some just stuff the whole thing in at once!

I think he asked Ella here..."wanna kish"

She was like NO NO NO........but she got one anyway.  Poor thing was totally defenseless with a marshmallow in one hand and a hot dog stick in the other.........wait she coulda used the stick for defense huh.....maybe she didn't mind it so much after all;)  although I think he caught her off guard and she stuck herself in the leg with the stick!

Iley came to me after her first bite asking for a napkin!

Wren was right behind her!

So guess who got to hold the smores and divvy out the bites........mmhmmm.

The wood elf daintily eating her smores with her finger out.

Unca Lane and Aunt Lucy:)  Aint they cute:)

These sunset pictures were from Wednesday eve.  We had a big storm blow through with Tornado warnings and cleared off and left us with this amazing night sky.

Sitting outside admiring the view.....a bit chilly!

Poor Harrison is looking a little pale:(  He's been sick since Monday morning, Teaugues been sick off and on since Monday afternoon, I got it Monday evening and am finally feeling better tonight.  Harrison is feeling human again, and Teague I think got up and around too soon cause there are things to do and cousins to play he's back down with it.  He headed to Grma's tonight to quieter quarters.

Iley was all wrapped up in Kyndahls jacket.  I asked her if Kyndahl had a baby in her tummy?  She's like whaaaaat???  She is fascinated with pregnant people right now and asks about anyone with a slightly protruding tummy!  Ack.   She asked Kyndahl when her elderly pot bellied landlord came to the door......"he have a baby in his tummy?"  several times...... Kyndahl tried to shush her to no avail and finally  told her no he's just chubby....."oh he just chubby?"  at the top of her lungs!..... never quietly!  Thank goodness she's pretty dutchy still!  Then tonight she's sitting on Kyndahls lap and lets a stinker....Kyndahl asks her did you just let a stinker on my leg??!!  Iley looks at her like what's the big deal and says "just a little bit"  Like calm down it wasn't much.  I'm not sure Kyndahl was comforted! LOL  Sorry Kyndahl!  I couldn't help but bwaahaaahaaa. 

Wren started summer school yesterday and is doing well.  Her teacher said the lady from the state department who is helping out and observing her some said she was amazed at everything she was doing since the last time she saw her.  We are blessed to have such an amazing teacher and a school district that is willing to help kids with special needs!  Thank you all!


  1. ok, seriously... there's not too many blogs I read that make me cry and laugh simultaneously. (that's a compliment, by the way) I was getting all teary catching glimpses of the sky in the background of the bbq pics. dumb maybe, but man I miss the sky.
    then laughing out loud at "oh, he just chubby!" hilarious. and the stinker thing is pretty funny too. :) good stuff.

  2. The sky was even more gorgeous in real life! Amazing. Truly God's handiwork. I know what you mean about the sky here:) I used to laugh at people when they would talk about the sunshine and blue I get it:)

    That Iley is a mess isn't she! I couldn't make this stuff up! I kinda worried about offending a few people with the stinker bit.......but it was soooo funny, and it's pretty real life around here! HOW do you teach them where and when it's ok?

  3. Once again, enjoyed scrolling thru you pics, especially the ones of the 'cousins'! ;)