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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hodge Podge

Look at our cute new puppies!

Iley was begging all day to "go take a walk" but we waited till after supper.

Some of the pretty wildflowers blooming.

 For some reason they love going through the gulch.

 poking sticks in the water.

 These two lovies drove out and found us.

Of course the boys had to add some excitement.

I tried.....and get a picture of them all looking at the camera and smiling.

 And we petted this pretty boy looking over the fence at us.

He was fascinated by the cactus for some reason?? He insisted on bringing this one back to the house.  It covered the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket.

Sherman was growling and charging....Iley was doing the typical drama reaction while Wren stood there unmoved.

Let me know if you want to hire them for your next party:)

Eating a gogurt while waiting on the quiche to get done. I'm sure my older boys are saying "Quiche for breakfast??? who is this lady and who kidnapped the queen of cold cereal, and get it yourself??  Sheesh we've been gypped!"

New flip flops.....they picked them. Wrens are purple with glitter, Iley's are cherries.  Iley got a blister between her toes, but insisted on wearing them any way.  Today she went up and got a pair of socks out of her drawer and wore them that way!LOL


  1. What FUN!! Cute, cute kiddos!

    What a great family you have...such a blessing!

  2. I love your walks and all the photos! One great advantage of living in the country! One day I'm coming to see you and take a walk with you!

    I love the flip flops! The girls picked some out at Old Navy and now Kendall is complaining that hers are too small! At least they are cheap!

    What fun you are going to have this summer! I love how you think of creative ways to help Wren learn and hear. You really are amazing!

    Quiche for breakfast, have you been reading Lori's blog, she almost inspires me to cook!

    Have a great weekend! Blessings sweet friend!

  3. (I need your email address!)

    The hedgehog came from school...Sarah is babysitting it over the summer break. I have no idea of its origin though! It's the creepiest thing ever.

    And listen, clearly must also be spinning many plates because look at all the kids you have! :) I think we are equally crazy-busy.

    Did you say you live in Kansas?? We must get together sometime!