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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hair...what to do with it.

Trying to decide before tomorrow at 4:00.....what to do with the hair.  Iley wants hers cut off.  She says "it too long! then grabs the sides and pulls them down and says it's blahhhhh"  Wren has never mentioned hers.  But it is SO SO thick, and grows SO straight forward, and her cables kind of mess up the back now that it's longer.  So what to do.  Should I let it keep growing and layer it? or bob it off short and stack it up the back like we did earlier. or just trim it up and leave it alone?
 Their hair as it is now.......

This is what she wants!  She pointed to it  on the computer......I wonder if she thinks she'll be blonde too?

 Here's a little longer version.

For Wren I'm considering  more bangs so they  won't hang in her face all the time......??

Or let it get longer?

 Another bob with more bangs.
Or pixie cuts for both of them??

Or like this?

Or do both of them like this?

If you have an opinion or a good idea write in below or email or call me....before 4:00.


  1. I like their hair longer but i do know how much easier short hair is too so understand. :) Decisions Decisions. :) They will be cute no matter what way you cut it. Sometimes whats easiest for mom is best.

  2. Ok, Ok!...I will add my opinion but u should still do what you want and what is going to work best for your lifestyle! After all, you will be the one doing hair!! And all those adorable pictures are lovely but someone just got done blow drying, curling, spraying (not to mention on people who sat still!). I think Iley's is adorable short...she looks just like some kind of little sprite!...and I like Wren with a little more hair in the back so that her head looks balanced. Also, I think bangs are a good idea for her, too. I was looking at the pictures of her when they first got here and her long hair was pretty in ponytails and such but soooo hard to keep combed. So, maybe wait til she's older and wants it long to do that. No matter what you do, they will be adorable!! Can't wait to see the new look! Fran and I are on our way to Kris tonite! Fran is just getting a trim and I am getting my eyebrows done. By the way, what cute oufits on the girls!! (wink, wink)


  3. Hi, I am not a new follower but my first time commenting. Your life pretty much fascinates me & the girls are adorable! As far as what looks cute, the "do"s are all adorable but as the mom of ONE 6 year old girl, I much prefer keeping it short. It never looks cute more than 5 minutes when it is longish. HOWEVER now she wants it long & I would love to cut it again. Her hair is very thin & always gets cut off by whatever I put her hair up with. So, I'd say keep it short as long as you can & until they are taking care of it themselves!

  4. They will both be adorable either way:) I really do love the stacked in the back cut though (like Wren's at the beach with the blue/green dress on)! They could both pull that off and it would be soooooo cool and easy for summer:)