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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, May 13, 2013

Catching up.....time seems to fly by, and I think I just posted.......but when I look at the date it has been several days and the pictures have piled up on the camera.  I should edit them and only post the very best ones that are photographically best.....but some of the others show personality, and I know my distant family will appreciate bear with me everyone.  Another post with lots of random pics.

The girls are doing so much better at drawing!  Look! Their faces even have eyebrows and ears!  They couldn't even draw a circle or a + sign in August.

 We all agreed Iley's looks "mad"

 Friday is no preschool day.  Ella and Kyndahl stopped in.....Ella to torture me do exercises with me, and Kyn was out and about.  They were talking about planting flowers and one thing led to another, and they thought we should all go get plants in Hays.....I told them I HAD to clean my house......they suggested hurrying and then we could go after lunch........I jokingly suggested they stay and help me "hurry" and then we could all go....and they did!!!  Aren't they the best!  El dusted, and Kyn cleaned the bathrooms while I cleaned the kitchen and laundry room.  Amazing how fast it goes with 3 people! 

The girls were dressed and ready (with lovely fake smiles but dutifully posing) for our flower shopping expedition.

 Iley was just "hanging out" waiting for our food at Taco Bell.
 These two can put away the food!  They both had a 5 layer beefy burrito and chips n cheese. 

Wren and  Kynny.......

....and Ella

 First stop the garden center.....where the first thing I asked them upon arrival is "where is your restroom located"....and a good thing I did!  Not two steps later, Iley who had not heard me ask.....was giving the potty signal!  The girls had fun running down all the paths and across the little bridges while we looked.

 Wren's signing "ready?"

 Big sister Ella helping them spin.

The next stop was the green house....where the first thing we did was guessed it....visited the bathroom AGAIN.  It was a tiny little room in an old trailer!  But not to worry....I am well practiced in the art of this procedure!  I have fought the squatty potty...and bushes........and buckets....and corners....and this was luxurious....toilet paper was even provided for free!

 Armed and dangerous!

 Don't mess with the best!  Ok Ella, I'll take the camera back now...thank you very much.

 A WAGON!!! suddenly they were too tired to take another step!

Then we went to Good will.......and poked around....and tried on stuff......

She found this while I was looking at something else and had it on like this...saying "mommy look, its a sim suit" ummm hmmmmmm sort of.  but you've got it on wrong.

 I told her it was a bra, not a swim suit, and told her she was too little for one.  So then she turns to Wren and signs too little, you, me, too little......then shrugs.
 She really thought we should buy it!  and she would have worn it just like this without a qualm!
 If you are wondering why Wren isn't in any of the pictures here.....she spent the majority of the time hiding in the racks of clothes....I guess I could have photographed her feet.  

Ella took the girls to the bathroom before heading the 50 miles home....while I loaded the groceries and stuff........Love having all this good help with me!

Between Sherman and Wren.....something is always getting tied to the end of a rope!  Iley was happy to benefit this time.

 Saturday evening Ash and Ella came over and high jacked our front porch enjoy the country air.....which must have been invigorating, because they were inspired to make soft pretzels......and were kind enough  to share them with us, AND to invite us to join them in our back yard at their bonfire.....they also invited Kyndahl and Thatcher to join them as well.

 Aren't they about the best looking bunch you've seen in a while!  Love these kids!

 You would think boys would eventually outgrow the need to do dangerous things with would think......  But...jumping over the fire, and carrying massive amounts of burning sticks.....and having a sword fight with another brother that should also have outgrown said activity..........are NOT  exactly "non dangerous!"   But they DO think they've outgrown the need to listen to their mothers wise counsel on these matters!

 That look from Ella about has to be directed at Thatch!  They delight in antagonizing each other.

 Toasting her toes by the fire.

 And he wonders why she won't go away.........?

.......maybe because it's more fun to stay???

Which brings us to Sunday, Most of which was spent at Grandmas for Mothers day.  I forgot my camera, so no pictures:(  We took a walk to the pasture in the evening......
 Look grass in the back ground:)  It finally rained. 
 Such fun to run up and down the dirt pile.

 Troy found a baby Kill deer and showed the girls.  They were happy to look....but NO WAY were they going to hold it!

This was the highlight of the whole walk!  We finally had to say ....enough! It's time to go home to bed.  They struggled figuring out how to get the pedals to work.  Neither one's legs were long enough to actually pedal the bike.  They worked and worked at it, and finally figured it out on their own. The first video below shows them struggling.  The second one shows their sheer delight when they figured out how to make it work for them.  Iley is much lighter than Wren and had to work twice as hard.  I've watched these several times and laugh every time.  They are just having so much fun!

Struggling to make it work.

Too much fun!

 Two tired turtles in a tuttle cattle trough........too much Suess?  Am I the only one that can recite this whole book?  Big K little k kitten kangaroo......come on what is it:)


  1. Big A little a what begins with A? Aunt Annies Alligator...a...a...a.

    1. Ha Ha good to know I'm not the only over Suessed person:)

  2. Kick a Kettle, Kite and a King's Ker-choooo!!! I've got it allllllll down by now! ;)

    1. Hee Hee:) I can make a pretty good dent in green eggs and ham and Cat in the Hat too! I'm not sure this would impress anyone on a resume or anything......but it helps when you are reading and your mind wanders:)