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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back tracking........

Harrison's Birthday "party" was actually on Saturday night.  These boys came over to help him celebrate and spent the night.  He requested grilled hamburgers, and a huge bag of candy with no serving limits on it.....meaning we can eat the whole bag if we want....... instead of cake.  I'm sure they all had sugar highs!

 Then on Sunday evening we celebrated our nephew Han's 6th birthday.  He's not quite a month younger than Iley.

 I'm sure his mom and dad should get extra points on their poll.....He got to open his gifts FIRST then eat supper:)  It's what every kid WANTS to do.  Why DO we make them wait??  It's their party right? 

 Sitting on Grandma's lap watching the gift unwrapping.

 The other one was on Grandpa. They both had their fingers in their mouth??

 His meal request was Nacho's Supreme....."like Taco Bell".  It was pretty close!  and TASTY! 

 Then all the kids went outside and jumped.

 Iley was watching closely......taking notes on how to do this.......

......she's a natural I'd say:)

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  1. Now I feel like I didn't totally miss the party!! :) Thanks. Glad to see all the pics. They are always entertaining!