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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Game

Always looking for ways to engage Wren's interest, I decided to try an active game outside with her.  She was out writing random letters on the side walk with chalk already, so I started writing the alphabet beside her.  She would sign them as I wrote them!  Sometimes even making the letter sounds:)  She said mmmm for M, aoooww for O, ssssss when I wrote s:)  She would try to make sounds for the others, sometimes successful, sometimes not so much....but she TRIED:):)  She soon got tired of that and hopped on her trike and pedaled off.  So I'm thinking ok, how can I continue the game????  ah ha...I will write the letters big, on the path she's riding, and sign the letter and have her stop on it.  That way she can be moving and still learning.

 I found it:)

Now she's cheering for Iley:)  She loves to be "in the know"

 It was such a gorgeous evening that we all loaded up and headed to the park.  I was cracking up at her little toe in these pictures.



Burying a friend in the sand.....there were many willing helpers.  She was a brave long suffering soul!  The sand was flying all over.

What do you think??  Should we audition for America's got talent? Ha Ha. 

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