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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Crazy house

Wren posing in front of "the white door" before school on Wednesday.

Do you hear what I hear........I forget what she heard.  But she DID hear it:)

This girl's hair never ceases to amaze me!  It's like something made a nest there in the night!

After being brushed.....and combed.....and wet down......and blow dried.......Much Better:)

Wren is just outside the picture on the left.....she was modeling for Iley on how to pose.

May I take your order please?

Wren was willing to pose, but never got very distracted from her task at hand.  She carries around paper half the day scribbling on it and inserting her name... the only legible word.... occasionally.

These VERY dear friends came and picked all of us up....minus Troy, he was working out of town....the reason we needed rescued....... and whisked us away to a treat at Dairy Queen.  LOVE THEM!!! 

Wren enjoying her ice cream cone.......about the only dessert she DOES like.  Poor baby can't even get her tongue out enough to lick an ice cream cone!

Wren  finally resorted to a spoon.  Then Iley who wasn't allowed to get ice cream because she shook her little hand at her hamburger, and only ate half of her fries......but all of her gravy dip......When I told her she couldn't have ice cream cause she didn't eat her supper, she wanted her hamburger back......Her big brothers had long ago snarfed it with her blessing......I told her it's all gone, and she wanted to get another one.  I said nope we're done now.  I am SUCH a mean mom! So she moved over by her generous sister, who loves to feed people.....and managed to get several bites of ice cream in spite of it.  I decided that was a battle I was too weary to fight.......and Wren was being generous......a good habit to encourage.....right?

Even sharing her cone with sis.

The 3 amigos....that I had to tell to quiet down several times!

The cutie patooties........Kyndahl, our daughter in Love,  and Hannah......Rick and Carols daughter. 
She's taking our picture again.......guess we better smile:)

Kyndahls Mama, Suzy is visiting for a couple of weeks.  My girls are FASCINATED with her fingernails!

Iley didn't get her rainbow colored at school and came home stressing about it.  I offered her crayons and she said  "NO MARKERS"  I told her we didn't have any markers so she says "ok FINE"  She was not happy!  Sherman came over to sit by her and she told him "NO, I"M WORKING"  He says 'can I just sit here and watch?'  she says "Sure, ok"

Sherman is always trying to get Iley to like him.  She really does, but I think she knows she can manipulate him a little. So sometimes she won't sit by him, or on his lap in the car....... Well today she voluntarily decided she liked the time it was done, I'm not sure if Sherman was still glad.  He was trying to wash up his trucks, and she sat here with her feet propped on him the whole time, chatting away and asking him......"what's your favorite.....light, shirt, car, house, potty, food, etc."  I was actually pretty impressed with the things she was coming up with.  I think Sherman was getting exasperated by the time she was done.

.........favorite potty?????!!!!! What??? (as much time as she spends on one, she probably does have a favorite!)

She was totally amused......can you tell!
Pardon the green gunky nose!  She lost a front tooth!......still hasn't lost that bottom snaggle tooth yet though.

Here's an example of what poor Sherman was putting up with.

Wren out did herself this time.  She tied a string from the upstairs railing.........

to a bucket..........then tucked the bucket under the pillow and couch arm well enough that Iley was almost hanging on this string and it held!  I think I'll just put them in the circus!

Not sure why she was standing on Wren......unless Wren realized she couldn't reach the string so offered herself as a sacrifice on the alter of science????
 That's a glimpse of our crazy house hold.


  1. Love, love, love...I am so amazed at how much the girls have changed in a year. The video was adorable, we want more videos. Sweet patient Shermie. We need another girls day out, dontcha think?

  2. Those little girls are getting to be quite the little posers. :) Loved the video as well. She looked very comfortable with her feet just up on Shermans shoulders. He didn't seem to be minding at all. Randy was telling me how you were signing to the girls that he was Ricks brother and twin. He thought that was so cute. I always cringe when you get your camera out for fear of what i will look like on your blog. :) Loved eating at DQ with you. Even if you did have your camera. Love everyone of you.

  3. LOVE your crazy household. Those girls are a hoot! Sherman didn't know what he was in for when wanted more attention, did he? lol!