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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just Because We're Girls

They each picked out their own shoes at Payless.  They are mighty pleased with them.  Iley is a little shopper.  She wants to look at "my dresses" at Wal-mart, and she LOVES trying on shoes!  Wren is ok for a little bit, but would rather watch sports with Dad on the TV's in the middle of the mall.

Double trouble Cuteness:)

Who is this fearless girl??? and where did miss fraidy cat go???
 Major pout fest......she wanted to lay on a dirty table for her picture.  I told her no it's dirty......and showed her "sit here" on the swing.......NOPE..........not until I said ok lets move somewhere else.......THEN she HAD to pose on the swing..........sigh.........why does she make life so hard for herself???

Iley was trying to copy Wren's pose but was struggling to get her foot positioned right........and kept falling over into Wren.  They thought it was quite funny.

Little tude goin on ya think?

 Oh how I WISH they didn't have to wear glasses so I could see those gorgeous Asian eyes better!


 Their pick of posing options...........the reason I pick the spot for them to stand!!

 Who IS this girl???

A true Cricket drama moment!  She was NOT scared.

And Scout with her mile long legs.

I love these for some reason

They were really starting to get the hang of posing.......silly girls:)

 Poking sticks into the grain.

They were both trying to perch on the arms of Dad's chair.

 This poor pooch got the short end of the gene pool........ He has crazy top knot hair, and an under bite!......he looks like a cross between Scar and the the Lion King movie.


  1. I love this post with all the photos! Iley trying to copy Wren's pose . . . priceless! Your girls are beautiful!

  2. Certainly not a fraidy cat anymore! I can't tell you how amazing all your pics of them are. Their life is well journaled! Wish I could borrow you to come and follow us for a couple day so I can have pics like that. I may have already asked you this, but what sort of camera do you have? I love your shots, Judy!

  3. Hi Annie:) I would gladly follow you around and snap pictures but I am SUCH an amateur!!! My camera really gets the credit. It's a Cannon Rebel T3i You can get them at Target or Wal-mart. It's a DSLR camera that will do MUCH more than I do with it. All my settings are on Auto until I can afford, and get time, to take some lessons......of course a person could probably read the manual and figure it out if they were so inclined......but.......that would put me to sleep! But thanks! I do enjoy it.

  4. oh my gosh, the pics with the girls posing with their legs crossed and arms around each other are SOOOO precious! Such cutie pies!!!