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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iley's School Party ~ 6th Birthday

I dropped the girls off at school at 12:30 and forgot to ask the teacher what time snack time was.  I ran to the grocery, and then stopped by to see Ellas new paint job in her living room.  She was just headed to our house so she followed me home.  We got there around 1:20ish.......I messed around rounding stuff up and stirring up the dip......then i thought I better text the teacher and ask her what time I should be there for Iley's party.  She had already text was 1:31 when I checked~ we were supposed to be there by 1:55.......YIKES!!  Poor Ella, she had barely walked in and I start asking her...can you put the fruit dip in these little cups, and cut the bananas, while I cut up the apples....and go along and take pictures...Bless her heart, she was great help!  We dashed around then ran out the door....  and made it just as they were lining up to come in from recess....whew!

I think Iley had fun, she was much more subdued at school than she was at home on her own turf, but she seemed to enjoy it.  Wren on the other hand acted like she was being rejected and forgotten.  I showed her her school party pictures today, and then Iley's.....hopefully that helped.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Checking out what's in the prize box........she couldn't decide what she wanted!  She remembered exactly what Wren got.....and there wasn't anymore......This girl doesn't forget details!  She kept asking me where the bag of candy was.....I forgot that I brought tootsie rolls to Wrens party.

....just pick something already!

Wren still feeling a bit sad....we made sure she was in the picture too.

That seemed to help a little.

The whole class...minus one or two I think.

Poor Shaylee.....she wasn't allowed to have any milk products....which was everything but the apples and bananas.  The girls both wanted her drink though!

This girlie loves bananas!........and giraffes.

Iley's cute little blonde friend.
More please!

They dipped their chips in the fruit dip......??

Mrs. Betz, Iley and Me

Miley and Wren

Love that she's looking at books!  What a world will be opened to her when she learns to read!

Bye, time for mom and Ella to go now.

at least she's smiling now!
Pictures were all compliments of Ella:)  I took a couple when we first got there, there was even one of Ella.....but she had a funny look, and her eyes were closed so I didn't post're welcome El:)  See you don't need to fear my camera:)


  1. You are such a great mom! I love the school party photos. Thankful Ella was there to help you!

  2. Fun Fun for them to have a party at school with all their friends. Neat to see all the pics of their fun day. You made a special day for them both. Its hard to remember how fun it was when it was your birthday when it isn't yours. Poor Wren. She did well it looked like though. Love that they get along so well and LOVE to watch them together.