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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, April 28, 2013


 Hmmmmm?  Yes Hmmmm........because I have no idea what to title this random bunch of pictures.

Iley and Wren "painting" their fingernails with markers.

Another walk in the pasture, enjoying the beautiful spring time weather.

 Iley.....who had already voiced her opinion....."lets go home" usual.......found a place to sit.
 ....and if Iley gets her picture taken.....then Wren wants hers taken.....which makes Iley want hers taken........

 ......which makes Wren grumpy that Iley stole her show..........
 But she never holds a grudge long:)  I did her pouty face back to her and signed smile with a goofy pouted at gave me a goofy grin.......oh well:)
 The boys went by on their motorcycles and Wren is signing "motorcycle" and then she signed for them to stop!  They both LOVE to ride with the boys, but they have to have jeans on to protect their they didn't get the ride home they were hoping for.

Of all the nerve!!! they didn't stop!!!

 Two girls that were awfully glad their daddy was still home this morning:)

 We go from mo hawks to skin heads........!!!????  Just hair, it will grow, just hair it will grow, just hair it will big deal.

 Iley's new glasses.

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  1. Good morning!...Will post a quick comment since you love people to respond!...Miss you all soooooo much!...Wish you were coming out soon...but we will be glad to see you whenever!...When school is out maybe we can make some arrangments for Harry and Sherm to come here or Henry to go there...He would LOVE to ride dirt bikes with the boys...He doesn't think there is enough room to ride around here...Love Iley's new glasses and Thatcher's "new" hairstyle is, at least, better than the last one!! Tell him and Kyni we love them and Ash and El, too! Tell Harry to come and see us and tell Sherm to make me something from duct tape! Hug the little girls and tell them we are thinking of them....I will send the clothes Mom and I picked out at the secondhand store to you with the first ride going! :)

    Love to you