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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Iley!

We have been counting down the days till her Birthday since Wren had her party.  Every day we crossed off a day on the calendar so she could see it getting closer.  This girl totally gets what a birthday is all about......CAKE and PRESENTS and ME!  She was adamant about wanting a green cake with giraffes......a Daddy giraffe, a Mommy giraffe, and a Baby giraffe. 
 ......and while NO this wouldn't make pintrest......Iley was happy with it.

The guest list:
Mom, Dad, Harrison, Sherman, Wren and of course.....ILEY
Thatcher and Kyndahl, and  "Aunt" Suzy
Grandpa and Grandma Deaton (Grandma was sick with sinus junk and couldn't come:(  missed you Gma)
Uncle Lane, Aunt Lucy, Evie, Grace and Hans
Ash and Ella were in Ohio visiting her family. Missed you guys too!

The Kid Table

Singing Happy Birthday.....She was so excited all evening!  Poor Wren, when she tried to blow the candles out before we even sang, got so hurt/embarrased when we all said no no no, it's Iley's turn.  She got over it quickly and was sure to get in on licking the cool whip off the giraffes feet.

The cake was truly Green!  Jello cake.
 I have 2 videos of her opening her gifts but they would probably take an hour each to load, so no go.
Somewhere between cake and opening gifts Wren threw up!  Right behind Thatcher....who does NOT deal well with throw up.LOL  She has been super crabby all day, and just not herself.  She was sick at her party too!  Poor baby.   Once she "got it out of her system" she went on to play half halfheartedly..... and so far.....hasn't done it again.

Puting puzzles together with 'aunt' Suzy and Kyn. 

Both girls love Ike, and all their big brothers!  They are all so patient with them.......

........and let them use their phones......which they LOVE.....and are scarily adept at.........
 Gotta love the hair! But look at that cute little lip and hand:)

.......and they LOVE rough housing with the big bro's too!

Pardon the belly show.....

Iley LOVED this!  I can't imagine trusting someone enough to let them do this to me!

 The elusive Harrison.

 love those dimples...chin and cheeks;)
Love em all!

They were all watching Harrison play a game on the computer.

Ike and Thatcher were making fun of the girls on facebook!  At first Ike said, "I refuse to do that pose!"  But Thatch talked him into it they could neither one keep a straight face though!

Iley HAD to be in the picture with them.....I think it's so sweet how she's holding both their hands.......look how tiny her hands look in their big ones:)  They don't even think about it, they just go with it......sweet boys.

Wren was wilting by this point, and was latched on to Aunt Suzy in the other room....Harrison was reading a book.

Iley had so much fun being the center of attention!  She hammed it up, and was her usual dramatic silly self.........amped.  I should have bought her the shirt I saw with a llama wearing a said "Don't feed the Drama Llama!"   But........when I was tucking her in bed I asked her if she had a fun birthday and she said "YES!!!!! Thang you SOooooo much"  You're SO SO welcome sweet Baby girl. Love these precious Asian Beauties!  Days like this, and times like that (well minus the puke) make all the HARD days worth it:)


  1. Happy Birthday to Sweet Iley! Isn't it wonderful to have family nearby to celebrate!

  2. Happy Birthday Iley!! So happy that she is so blessed to be with a loving, fun, crazy family like yours!!!

  3. Hi, Judy! What a great family you have! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I left you a comment back but wanted to write you here in case you didn't see it. My personal email is We have a NST (Nakhon Si Thammarat) Face Book page that I'd love to have you join! It's great for questions and keeping in touch with our kids buddies! There is also a FB page for Thailand Adoption with families from all over the globe! Have "met" so many wonderful people and it's awesome to see all the kids grow up and live beautiful lives with their families! Last, but not least, I have a very dear friend that lives near the orphanage in NST. She has a hotel nearby that I recommend, translates for you, but more than that she and her family visit the children often. They take the kids food and clothing and treats and she may know your boy and can give him a message or photo from you (and vice/verse). A wonderful person and contact. Please email and/or FB me so we can get you two connected!