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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gotcha Day! One Year!

It's hard to believe that one year from today we were anxiously waiting to see two little faces.  When we did finally get a glimpse of them, they were headed to the bathroom! (imagine that) We were filling out paperwork, and it was pretty hard to concentrate after that!  You can go back and read the whole story here~

They were so tiny, and so darling, and we were so much in love.



This one was snapped on the way out the door to go visit the orphanage.

Wow what a long way we've come in one year. Recognize this dress!  Wren wore it in China!  Iley is just a little smaller than Wren was a year ago.  They have both grown so much!  Physically, socially, language, academically, coordination, strength, reasoning, bonding wise...they amaze us!
May 2012 Wren weighed: 37lbs and was 41 3/4" tall
May 2013 Wren Weighs:   44lbs and is    44-5/8" tall (3-1/4" and 7lbs in a year!)
May of 2012 Iley weighed; 29lbs and was  37-3/4" tall
May of 2013 Iley Weighs:  36lbs and is  40-5/8" tall (3" and 7lbs in a year!)

 I will always remember the surreal feeling and a bit of panic when we walked out of the civil affairs office with two 5 year old girls that didn't speak or understand a word of that's not true, Iley could say Mamma, Babba, and sing the ABC's to about G.  But we were entrusted with two little lives, and we were a just slightly overwhelmed.  I can't imagine how they must have felt leaving with two total strangers.  As much as they liked us... and the stuff we brought, they reached for the familiar nannies when we got up to leave.  They whimpered a little, but soon got over it.  We had prayed for months before meeting them for God to comfort them with His spirit, and for them to recognize that spirit in us, and not be afraid.  God did not fail us....or them!  He was right by our side then, and continues to be.  I remember shutting myself in the bathroom and praying, and weeping, and begging for wisdom.  It didn't make it easy, but it made it possible.  A friend sent some index cards with Bible verses on them that about saved my life some days.  We held on to the truth that What God calls us to, HE will equip us for it as well.  He will never leave us nor forsake us, but wants to give us hope and a future.  When we are weak, HE is strong.  Following Gods call, and His will is usually not the easiest route to follow, but it is always worth it in the end.

The......wild uncontrolled, scared, confused.......little girls we had in China, are now fairly well adjusted, Lively, loud, mostly happy, much loved siblings and daughters.  Redeemed, chosen, no longer orphans, but belong to a family.  I can hardly think about them living in an orphanage for 5 years, fending for themselves, survival of the fittest, with no one to love them, watching other kids leave with their families.  We are so thankful they are HOME.

Wren~  She is Joyful, generous, loving, smart, helpful to a fault some days, and OH so STUBBORN.
She is learning more and more sign language and environmental sounds each day.  She recognizes her name when called.  She loves people, and going places, She hates to fail. Her favorite food is meat in any form, and rice and noodles.  She rarely eats dessert except for Ice cream.  She loves to watch any kind of Media, video games, movies, cartoons......any type of visual stimulation.    She gets up with the birds, goes strong all day, and is the first one to sleep at night.  She loves playing outdoors, and is fearless.  She has taught me MUCH patience, and continues to.  She has been a challenge...... and a joy to watch unfold.  We are looking forward to knowing her better as her vocabulary and communication increase.

Iley~ is Charming, loving, bossy, dramatic, funny, a tease and stubborn sometimes as well.  Her English is improving daily.....although we still turn off the dark, and turn on the dark, instead of light.  But we have to watch what we say in front of her now, because she understands most of it.  She loves music, and being read to.  She is more of a home body, but likes familiar people.  She gets worried about where mommy is if I'm gone too long.  She loves to play games on the ipad, and will watch movies if they are basic and she can understand them (Wren will watch anything! Even basket ball or baseball)  She is silly, goofy, cute, and a DRAMATIC, she prefers comfort at all times if possible.  She loves all things sweet, and loves her noodles and rice.  She eats meat if she has to. They both love eggs. 

We love them both so much.  They are totally different in personality and temperament, but seem to "get each other most of the time.  They are either best of friends or can't look at each other with out scratching and spitting.  It's hard to imagine life without them now.  They've been such a blessing, bringing much joy while stretching us and growing us  in ways we never dreamed.  Bringing us closer to God as we have reached out in thanksgiving.......and desperation for wisdom.  Would we do it again?  ABSOLUTELY!  In fact we hope to.....Lord willing.  

Happy Gotcha Day sweet girls we are so glad God chose us to be your family.


  1. I remember following your trip to China and now it has been one year! I can hardly believe it! I have loved following the girls progress and loved even more being able to cry on your shoulder when I needed to!

    You have become such a dear wonderful friend to me and my only wish is that we lived closer so that I could take those long walks with you and the girls and do life together from time to time!

    Blessings to you and your family as you enter year two, may God continue to bless the girls with language, love, bonding and growth!

  2. Hard to believe it's been a whole year already! Thanks for continuing to share the journey through your blog:) The Lord bless you and keep you. . . Jennifer