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Monday, April 1, 2013

Castle Rock

We had a beautiful weekend all around.   Friday afternoon, Troy got home from being gone for almost 2 weeks.  I'm not sure which of us was most glad to see him....Me, the boys, or the girls:)  But the boys got to him first......with the girls a close second.


 Saturday afternoon we decided to head to Castle Rock to see what the girls thought of hiking.

On the way there we passed a field with a bunch of wild turkeys in it.

We had to stop on the way to allow peanut bladder to potty.  This position brings back waaaaay too many China memories!  This is how we held them both over every other bush in Guangzhou

Standing at the top of the bluff looking out.  Notice Harrison is nowhere near....He's afraid of heights.

 The "castle" part of Castle Rock is to the left, down the drive below.  It's just a strange rock formation out in the middle of nowhere.  It used to be about twice the size it is now.  Wind and water have worn the sand stone down.

Harrison.....keeping his distance from the ledge.

 This whole bluff area is out in the middle of a pasture.  Strange and sort of beautiful in a weird way.

There are a lot of fossil rocks.

 The girls LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!  We weren't sure what they'd think.  They amazed us by their progress in agility too!  They climbed up and down all over these  rocks.  They didn't want to leave when mom and dad were tired ready.

Troy was helping Sherm up through this rock so he could climb up on top.

 Look hands.  Harrison and I spent our time there saying  "Sherman BE CAREFUL!"  He was all over the tops of the cliffs like a mountain goat!  (a very sweaty mountain goat!)

 Through little tunnels............

 .........up over rocks..........

 .........made it by herself!........"I do it myself!"


 The Thinker...  this was his idea. Made me laugh:)

 Hey Mom!  Look up here!...........ummm I'd rather NOT!

 We thought this guy was going to come down the slope on his bike!  He put his helmet on like he was really going to do something.......then his girlfriend just took his picture.  Show over.

 See that vast prairie out there?  It's that way all around this place.  Kind of crazy.

 This was our hardest climb!  We had to stay behind the girls and push them up!  Then they wanted to go back down it!  They slid down on their feet holding onto our hands.  LOVED it!  wanted to do it again.....nope......the old gray mare aint what she used to be!  Once is enough.

 We had all sat down to rest and Wren found this little ravine.  She was crawling along acting like she was hiding from some one or something.  She'd peek out stealthily and then duck back down.

All they need with those black little heads is some loin cloths and feathers!

 What do you mean we can't go up there???  Sherman did.


Dad hauled the back pack with water, jackets, fruit snacks and......toilet paper!  all the essentials.

 Headed down to the "castle" to look around a little.  Iley thought she was driving.

When we got home, Dad remembered he had some cards for the girls from Anya.  He had stayed at her house last week and she sent them home with him.  They were SO excited!  They had MAIL!  They propped them up in front of them while they ate, carried them all around, we had to show them Anya's picture and explain that she gave them to them, that she was a friend. "Remember playing with her at Thatcher and Kyndahls wedding.....etc.   Her picture is now down at eye level on the fridge so they can look at her and sign "friend" several times a day.   So if you have extra school pics laying around Anya, send them each another card and picture they would love it:)  They even took the cards to bed with them:)  Thanks Anya for the perfect ending to their fun day!

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