Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Being Chummy over their eggs and rice. 
  I have a bit of trouble getting them to eat lunch!  Maybe because they pig out at breakfast?  They both eat 2- 3 eggs a piece every morning! 
Wren gets home at 11:25 from sign class and we have to leave the house again by 12:15 to take them to preschool.  Doesn't leave much time for Wren to come in.....shriek...and me her papers.......find out what Iley's been doing while she's a walk through of the entire main level and upstairs to make sure she didn't miss anything....sit down and eat.....have conversation with sister, much giggling, and playing in your food....get shoes back on, back packs zipped, coats on, everyone herded to the car.......and then take off for town.  The high light of the trip is a certain hump in the road that if you hit at a fast enough speed "gets your tummy".  They are always bummed out when we meet a car and have to slow down:)  for those not familiar with's sand roads, and we pass a car on the way in..... average of one a week on this road.  If a car is coming you have to move out of the packed tracks into the looser sand......and slow down......which totally ruins the effect of the bump!

I wonder some days if I am warping them.......we struggle to get Wren to listen or try to voice something that makes when she's done on the potty.....and totally at my mercy....(would this be the equivalent of stealing someones clothes while they are skinny dipping?)  ....I make her at least try to say my name instead of just bellaring AHHHHHHHH when she's done.  Usually I accept anything I decided she wasn't getting up till she put forth a little effort.  I put one hand on her throat, and one on mine and we did the ahhhhh sound.  I showed her that its not a bah bah with explosions of sound.....but that you keep your ahhhh steady, then do your lips mamamama fast.  she was doing a Baaah...........Baaah with lots of air.  She was NOT happy with me!  But I loved on her....and kept trying......and Iley is standing right beside her  (this is a tiny airline size potty room with three of us squeezed in...come to think of it, I'm sure Wren was the most comfortable!) doing it too (warped?)  She finally started with the ahhhh  I nodded good.........and did the lip motion to make the ma ma ma....SHE DID IT!!!  I KNEW she could if she would just TRY!!  She just has NO time for sit still and concentrate stuff.  Maybe the car seat is the next place of attack??  I may be riding in the back seat for years though unless the cooperation and progress pick up...........


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the MA MA MA!!! how HUGE is that???!!! I say "way to use that tiny little room" xoxox denise

  2. Sweet! You deserve that one, and may there be many more victories just like it.