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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Playing around

Bath time with the new bubble far no rashes!  Yay Aunt Lucy, good choice.

 Wren putting on her bubble bra.

Captured!.....or maybe rescued?

Maybe he was saving her from this?

She looks kind of like a damsel in distress.

I think this was the bat!

 ......and this.......

Love the gun and the shoes!  Don't worry mom, I've got them under control!

Calm amidst the storm....??

 Monday after school it was such a nice day that I took them to the park.  The next day it was frigid, so good thing we went.  I took them to this same park a couple of weeks after we got home from china last year.  They wouldn't walk across the sand, they needed a drink, they had to potty, they wouldn't go play, they were scared to try anything!  This time, I couldn't get them to leave.

 Iley kept bumping her head on the bar above the slide.

 Not sure how they ended up like this, but they thought it was pretty funny!
They were holding hands:)


The teeter totters scared them to death!LOL  I was laughing so much:)  These are supposed to be fun girls!

But these tall slides with no sides didn't phase them?

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