Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, April 26, 2013

A really really good Read! And some cute pictures:)

 I will give you a few  pictures......then please read the story below.  It's so good!  Whether you have adopted, know some one who has, or are just a Christian struggling along lifes path.

Trying so hard to get a drink from a too tall fountain!  It went up their nose, on their glasses, down the front, everywhere but in their mouth.

  Love this one:) Doesn't it just say 6 yrs. old:) 

 READ THIS, you won't be sorry:)

We went to watch the African Children's Choir last night.  SO darling!  Harrison commented that their bones must be made of wire...their blood must be Red Bull, and they have serious Botox, cause they never stopped smiling.  They had rhythm and energy and moves that were crazy!  They were just precious.  At the end they thanked us for wanting to adopt them, but said they were all going home to try to make Africa a better place and spread the Gospel:) Wow!

On the way in...the wind was FIERCE!  Ella was hanging on to all her clothing that threatened to fly away.

Ash thought she needed a little help......I think it was just an excuse to get cozy??? But she didn't seem to mind;)

  All these Big Kids are so much help with the girls and such a blessing to me!  Wren or Iley one sat on Thatch's lap most of the show.....some of the time on Ella's lap, and one was always on mine.  

 Harrison and Sherman were here too, but they had ridden with Ricks and were running around with Caleb.

And a few random ones just because they're all so good lookin....and I love em to pieces.  Ash and Ella brought supper over Wednesday eve.  SO SWEET!  Kyndahl brought cake and tea.  I love these sweet daughters of mine...and their big hunky husbands.

Kyndahls momma Suzy came too.

We got this sweet card in the mail from Spencer and Caroline:) 

This family shares our Gotcha Day.....they were the other family with our agency, and sat on the adjoining bench meeting their little Caroline.  We will have a special bond forever with all the families we connected with at this amazing time.  Thank you Spencer for your thoughtfulness!  The girls loved your card!

This is a paper Wren brought home this week from school.  Her teacher said she did it all with no help!!!!  Pretty amazing:)

The girls were LOVING the kindergarten room at orientation day!  NEW toys!

Of COURSE Wren loved the shopping cart!  You can haul so MUCH stuff at one time.

Then we went to DQ for supper.  I think Wren finally connected the DQ sign with the D and Q we sign when we go there:) YAY!  

Ok......I lied.........that was more that a few pictures:( 


  1. I couldn't get to the link you posted to read. I even typed it in and it didn't work???? :)

  2. Try highlighting it and left clicking, then open it in a new tab. That worked for me. I linked it wrong somehow.