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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Walking for Sanity

Sounds like a new cause.......well it could for mothers of children on Spring Break.  No comments from home schoolers please.....I know I'm a wimp! LOL!

Warning!  There are TONS of pictures!  Grmpa and Grma's request.....blame them. 
The girls REALLY love going on these walks!
Glad I had the  camera here and not them!  See Wren laughing....I had just demonstrated how the cows eat out of this trough:)  She was quite amused!
Pretending to be cows going down the shoot.
Wren wore this blanket around her neck the whole time!  I wish she could tell me what it represented to her!

Out in one of the empty pens.   They thought it was so fun to run across this piece of tin, it made a lovely racket.  Wren stepped onto it and stopped and shrieked and signed "hear". 

These guys on the other side of the fence weren't sure what to think of them.
Checking out an empty shelter.....I think they would have moved in.  Look there's even a sky light!  Up town I tell ya.

Wrens pointing at the bin at the end down there.  She wanted to go look in it next.

But we had to stop and watch and listen to the train going past on the way.

I told them to peek out the door......Iley was like "it's too sunny, I can't see"


We had to walk through every feed trough available......way too boring to walk around.

They both got caught on the barbed wire fence while crawling through.

 Through the fence, and headed to the in ground silo.  This is where the boys like to ride dirt bikes.....they can get some "serious air" down here.  I remember the first time I saw the "jumps" they kept talking about.  I hadn't worried before, picturing a little pile of dirt or something.  

They ran up and down and all around this thing!

struggling up the slope......

This part was too steep so they slid down on their backsides.

Throwing a dried cow patty frisbee off the ledge!  Now that is entertainment at it's most sophisticated! It's organic fun!! LOL.

They were so sweet helping each other through the fence:) couldn't hold the fence apart...take their picture....AND help they had to lend a hand.......of course I could have put the camera down...

Next stop....the bales!  We found them:)  not sure how we missed them before??  We started at the other end and jumped our way clear over here.  Mom holding each ones hand....counting...1, 2, 3.....JUMP.  I spent a lot of time doing this when I was young.  They aren't very brave yet, but give em time:)
Walked a dusty path between them.....

.......over to another set of bales.  They did a little better on these, they actually step across a small crack unassisted!
........well sort of crawled/stepped!


They spied this truck while on top of the bales and wanted to go there next.

I told them to sit here so I could take their picture......wonder woman posed on her own.

This made me laugh out loud!!  She made this MAD face and signed "mad, or grouchy"........then.....
acted like she was taking a deep calming breath!.............and then..........
.......blew it out! Ha Ha.........I think they've been working on feelings, and coping methods at school!  I think she at least sort of gets the idea!!!

So then Iley tries it............
......but that's too boring for the Drama Queen!.........
.........I'm sure I'd feel better if I just SCREAM instead of exhale!.........and what's a sister for if not to have someone to scream with!  Then they went off into a fit of giggles!

Climbing a dusty pile of silage.......good way to test for allergies!.......they don't have any.

Tonka the mutt...failed?cross between a schnauzer and a brussels griffon(he is one funny looking, good natured pooch)......went sprinting up to the top to check out what was so interesting, found nothing, licked their faces, and charged down again.

They remembered jumping on this the last time, so had to do that again.

Then we followed the cow path out to the pond again.....there is just something so fun about throwing things into bodies of water.

On the way they started collecting shot gun shells again, but their pockets wouldn't hold them we turned the "cape" into a bag.....corners pinned with the safety pin.........and they loaded it up.

The loot spread on the ground ready to throw.

Pardon Wren's britches!  We cannot keep her bottoms up! skirts, shorts, pj's, jeans....they all fall down!  How can you not FEEL the cool breeze???  We are constantly telling her "pull up your skirt/pants"

Wren saw this gully and wanted to explore it.  I said go for it.....then ran around up on top to take pictures from above.

Love this picture of Wren!:)

These were some serious roots!  I don't think I'd want to try to pull the grass out here.

Our super hero climbing up into the light.......

Ready to save the world!

Scanning the horizon for danger........ to conquer.

Lending a helping hand like any good hero would........

Heading over to the windmill to see if there is any water in the tank..........Kicking up as much dust as they can on the way.

No water.....but they found a bunch more shot gun shells to pick up.......Antlers??  WISH she could tell me!

We pinned the blanket into a bag again.

Checking out an airplane going over.

Back to the pond to throw in the shells.

Loading up.......

She's gonna lose those britches!  good grief.

So cool.....they float!

Cape back on......scanning the horizon for possible threats..........

Weary travelers headed back to the house for a BATH!

 As I sit here typing this Iley is poking my arm saying   "I want to do walk again"   "mommy, I want to go walk"  "mommy...........ok ok......!!     


  1. :) Loved these pictures, Judy! So many of them describe the reasons why I feel so blessed to have grown up in Quinter. Good, clean (ok, not so clean) fun out of basically nothing. Like shotgun shells. And who cares how dirty you get or whether that frisbee came from a cows behind?

    1. I think it's just the luxury of growing up on a farm anywhere, with lots of acres to explore, and not overly protective parents. As long as we showed up for meals.....they didn't pay much attention to us. I remember hiding wet clothes because we went swimming unsupervised. I grew up in MO, till 12, then Ohio......and I always felt like I had a perfect childhood! Ponds to swim in, woods to explore, 4 wheelers to ride, a cabinet shop to roller skate in and play in the winter......and cousins to join in to make it more fun. Grandparents, aunts and I AM BLESSED waaaaay beyond what I deserve!

  2. The pictures are great! So fun to see them being so agile! I know you can see a big difference in the agility and confidence level in the past year. :) And I can see a big difference in their growth and expressions and personality! And you are right about the "perfect" kids used to ask me to tell them about what I did when I was little over a bed-time story anytime! They would always ask the same questions, "Was Aunt Judy with you?", or "Did you always play with Aunt Marcia and her sister, Lorene and Lanton's daddy everyday?" Yep, everyday! (unless, God forbid, they were in dreaded Ohio seeing their relatives!) Then they would always say, "You were lucky, Mommy!" Yes. Lucky, or blessed or secure and many other good things! Good for you for giving your new little girlies the same blessings...Hugs all around!

    Aunt Gwen

  3. Ha ha about the hardcore homeschoolers! Anytime there is change, it is hard - so vacations are tough for all of us. Yours (keeping your sanity and the activities) looks wonderful. Time outside, warm(ish) weather, hay bales and troughs, cow patties and super heroes. Spring is a grand time :-)


  4. Oh the grouchy face and calming breath cracked me up!! I can just see her! :) Loved the super cape. And Iley, I can just hear her asking you to go on another walk. Your walks are more like adventures!!