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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walk on the Wild Side

Meet the Lion.....and the Zebra.

Monday.....Ready for school.  I snapped this just as Mrs. Kay pulled up to get Wren.  Didn't have time for more.
 Tuesday....ready for school....somehow we missed Wren today.

Wednesday before school.  We barely had time to snap a few before Wren left.  Wren had to have her "prop".............

.......and so did Iley........

Wren always generously shares hers.....Iley....not on your life. "It's a mine giraffe" 

 But after sister left......and she was dressed........guess who wanted their picture taken with the umbrella!?

 WARNING!!!!  Lots of pictures!
Wednesday afternoon the girls didn't have preschool so I decided to take them on a nature walk.  It was lovely outside.......and cleaning the house seemed a crime on such a gorgeous day......not sure what the excuse is most other days.......but any how.....I called Ella and Kyndahl to see if they were home bored and would like to accompany us......I warned them, just relax your mind.....don't get in a hurry.....these walks are not a journey to a destination......but just for the journey itself.  We aren't trying to get anywhere.  They agreed to the terms......and off we went.

 There was an electric fence between us and these lovely logs:(  They would have made for some great pictures with that snow still on the bank behind them.

The first of Iley's many stop -n- squat's.  She was forever finding a pile of dirt to dig in or mess with.

 "Wait for meeee!"

 We found nearly a whole dead horse.........bits and pieces strewn along a hoof here, a back bone over there, then a skull, and later a couple more hooves.  We are used to finding all kinds of cow bones, but this was the first horse I had ever come across. ( The owner of the land keeps horses on it in the summer.)  Iley was fascinated with it.  Wren wouldn't touch it.  She acted half scared of it.  When we turned the skull over and showed her the teeth, she shrieked and wouldn't have anything to do with it.  It didn't faze Iley at all.  You never know what one will be creeped out by and the other not.  It was so funny Iley was totally checking this thing out, turned it over and looked at the bottom of the hoof stood it up.......then said "poor little horsey" LOL

 Wren was signing "take my picture too......just not with that dead thing!"

These two big sisters are such good sports!

Because there's always drama with the Cricket.

And action with Scout.

She was busily scraping up dirt into a pile.....I walked over and she said....."It's a mine birthday"

 It even has candles on it:)

Iley was forever flopping down without warning.

She was over there talking to herself.....or someone....she put her hand out to the thorn bush and said nope nope nope.

 Always picking on something.

Checking out the hole in the path.


Then we had to stop for Iley to potty....I handed the camera to Ella to hold.....she never gave it back. Kinda nervy huh!

Oh look......we're back at the horse feet.  She had to check them out again!  Wren still wasn't impressed.

 They are a little grizzly gruesome!

Checking out a spider crawling along.

 Ahhhhh!  the car at last!  Iley whined off and on the whole way back that she was tired.  We got back in the car and drove back over the trail we had walked......1-1/4 miles!  Poor little legs.

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